Beaches in Mirissa For Spectacular Surfing And Sunsets

Beaches in Mirissa

Mirissa is a trending destination in Sri Lanka to get the best out of an island country. Mirissa, famous amongst travellers, welcomes them to its beaches - particularly known for water sports, nightl (Read More)ife and romantic walks. Beaches in Mirissa are a welcome distraction from the daily chores of one life. Make sure you drop by at this refreshing destination while visiting Sri Lanka.

Here is the list of 4 Beaches in Mirissa For Spectacular Surfing And Sunsets

1. Secret Beach, Mirissa

Secret Beach, Mirissa
4.3 /5

One of the most beautiful beaches in Mirissa is Secret Beach. It was once a secret location known only by the locals but has now become a popular tourist destination. The beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

2. Mirissa Beach, Mirissa

Mirissa Beach, Mirissa

With a coastline as long as 1,585 KM, this island country does not fall short of beaches. Sri Lanka’s Mirissa Beach is a must-visit with its serene blue waters, relaxful beach ambiance, exciting nightlife and adventurous water activities. Mirissa is a small town in the south coast of the country and is 150 KM away from the capital, Colombo.

3. Dickwella Beach, Matara

Dickwella Beach, Matara

Located about 30 km from Mirissa, the Dickwella beach is a tranquil, peaceful and large gold beach in the Dickwella town of Sri Lanka. The main Dickwella beach has a length of two kilometres. Rocks and reefs protect it from the winds and high waves, so this is one of the ideal "bathing" beaches near Mirissa.

4. Polhena Beach, Matara

Polhena Beach, Matara

Located about 10 km from Mirissa, Polhena Beach is one of the safest beaches in Mirissa with waist-high water and coral reefs. Swimming here is like swimming in a swimming pool but with an extraordinary aquatic life such a numerous giant green turtles, and fish which makes one’s dive even more memorable.

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As it only has two beaches, there is ample of time to visit both of them and get the best out of beaches in Mirissa!

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