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One of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka is Secret Beach. It was once a secret location known only by the locals but has now become a popular tourist destination. The beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Secret Beach is known for having a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with gentle waves, golden sand and beautiful palm trees. The place has a few beachside restaurants and drinks bars, but otherwise, it is a very isolated beach. It is entirely untouched and close to its raw form. There aren't any shops or stalls on the beach, just pure sand and turquoise waters. 

The beach is famous among those that like to relax and have some quiet time to themselves. Tourists can relax by sitting under the shade of the palm trees, sipping on coconut water or have a short bite. You can even go for water sports or rock exploring. 

Three different beaches form the secret beach. The Blue Lagoon is the one that is best for swimming, due to the gentle waves. The Palm Cove Beach is just next to the blue lagoon and is best for photography, snorkelling and exploring the rocks. Lastly, Shelley beach, which is the farthest and most isolated one, is also known for swimming, but it is more for advanced swimmers. It has many clear rock pools, the water is rougher, and the waves are more significant.

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Things to Do at Secret Beach

Secret Beach is an excellent swimming point. The water is rough, but there is a natural rock wall that allows only gentle waves to pass. It creates a lagoon-like structure on the beach where you will find calmer waves. The water in the lagoon is fit for swimming for beginners and even children. The beach has many sunbathing beds available where you can absorb the sun and relax. The sunbeds cost about LKR 500 per person. If you don't want to pay for a sunbed, then the beach is long enough for a walk, and you can easily find an isolated spot for yourself. The beach is also perfect for photography, especially during the golden hour just before the sunset, this is when the beach is least crowded, and the light is ideal for photography. Visits can also engage in some of the water sports at the beach. Snorkelling is the most popular one, and you can see gorgeous turtles in the ocean water while snorkelling. The beach has a few coconut vendors selling fresh coconut water.

Nightlife at Secret Beach

The entry to the beach is free, but locals expect you to spend some money on the food and drinks available here. There are a few restaurants on the beach that mainly offer fresh seafood, and one can enjoy the gorgeous sunset while sitting in these beachside eateries. The place doesn't have many bars. If you do plan to visit Secret Beach for the sunset, the restaurants around the beach have unique evening entertainment for the guests. You can enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in one of the beachside restaurants. Turtles often wash up on the shores during this time and are easily visible from the restaurants. The place offers over a hundred kinds of cocktails and has special discounts during happy hour. In the evening, the sites have live music performances, and sometimes you may even find a beach party taking place. The most popular bar is the Secret Beach Bar. It is famous among both the locals and tourists for serving amazing cocktails and delicious food.

Wildlife at Secret Beach

Secret Beach is famous for the various turtle's species that can be spotted in the ocean. The best way to explore is by snorkelling. The water also has many varieties of fish that can be explored. You may even spot some rare migratory birds on the beaches. The beach is also famous for the numerous monkeys that live near the beach.

Tips while Visiting Secret Beach

The beach can get crowded during the afternoon time, so if you want to have the experience of the secret beach, it's better to visit early morning, preferably before 11:00 PM. The waves can get rough in some parts of the beach so visitors should keep their belongings safely. There are also monkeys and dogs on the beach that might take your belongings. Visitors are advised to carry a change of clothes for swimming - there are changing rooms and toilets on the beach. Sunscreen, sun bats, or scarfs are recommended. Tuk Tuk drivers tend to scam foreign visitors so please bargain for the price before taking the ride. You should not have to pay more than LKR 400.

How To Reach Secret Beach, Mirissa

If you are travelling from the central city of Colombo, you can either take a train, bus or can to get to Marissa or to Weligama which is just a few kilometres from Merissa. The journey will take about 4-5 hours. Once in Merissa, Tuk Tuk rides are a convenient option. Most Tuk Tuk drivers know how to get to the Secret Beach and can charge up to LKR 300 - 400 for a trip. If you are staying near Harbour Road, then you can walk to the beach. It's about a 20-minute walk away. Most tourists tend to visit Secret Beach after the Coconut tree point as they are very close. A Tuk Tuk ride is the best option and will only cost about LKR 200 - 300.

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