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A Tree house fantasy is something everyone supposedly has. Who does not have the temptation up there in one of the tall trees of a rainforest? We all have wanted a small tree house like Tarzan’s, haven’t we? Here are some best tree houses in India that we spotted.

1. Hornbill Tree house Resort, Dandeli:

Located in Dandeli which is approximately 125 kms from party capital Goa, is the Hornbill Tree house Resort. Perched among majestic trees of the Deccan is the tree house which is known for being one of its kind in Karnataka. It is located close to river Kali. This place also holds something special for those who have a knack for adventure sports and bird watching. While, a tree house can probably offer you one of the most unique bird watching experiences, White water rafting, kayaking, coracle ride and rappelling are a few of the unforgettable activities Hornbill Tree House Resort boasts of.

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2. The tree house Resort, Jaipur:

For those of you who are willing to go the extra mile from one of the most anticipated tourist destinations in the country, this is the tree house resort in India for you. The tree house resort awakens your senses to a unique natural cum luxurious experience. It is an hour’s drive from Jaipur and offers quite a variety of stays to its guests. Luxury nests, deluxe nests and private suits are among them. So do go the extra mile and return with a blend of memories.

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3. Tree house Hideaway, Bandhavgarh:

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve and Fort need no introduction per se and remains one of the top tree house resorts in India. They have been attracting photographers, history and wildlife enthusiasts like large swarms of bees since years already. The resort boasts of 5 tree houses which offer a spellbinding view of the fort and the jungle which spread over a massive expanse of about 21 acres. It is not at all surprising if one spots some exotic species from his balcony. Spotting a tiger though, is a far cry!

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4. Manali tree houses Cottage, Manali

Located in one of the most visited valleys of India-The Kullu Manali Valley-tree house Cottages is a family run service. An ideal getaway for people living in north India, this homely place offers a picturesque view of the lofty Himalayas. Fresh fruits like apples, plums, walnuts can be cherished in autumn, spring brings with a refreshing bloom of flowers, summer attracts adventure fanatics while winter calls a cuddle in warm cottages and bonfire in gentle snow.

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5. Vythiri Tree Resort, Kerala:

Vythiri Tree House Resort is located in the charming district of north-west Kerala-Wayanad. A distinctive tree house sits amid thick foliage and trees that seen to reach sky. This place serves as a perfect getaway for metropolitan dwellers as one can let go of worries and submit to nature’s reign. What’s more is the Vythiri Spa which promises to rejuvenate you. So why go elsewhere when it’s God’s own county that awaits you? Calicut Airport is the closest airport from Wayanad.

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6. Vanya tree house, Kerala:

Kerala does not boast of only one tree house attraction. Vanya tree house is located in Thekkady which is a three-hour journey from Cochin International Airport. The road journey meanders along Periyar River while offering a captivating view of Idukki hills. One needs no second thoughts on visiting this place. A trek in surrounding rainforests is all you need.

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7. Chunnambar beach and Backwater Resort, Pondicherry:

The Chunnambar beach and Backwater resort is situated about 8 kms from the capital of Pondicherry. A unique blend of excellent accommodation and affordable tariffs, this resort offers a closer connect with mother nature and guests have no option but embrace it. This tree house resort also houses crystal clear waters in a pool, boating and picnicking facilities.

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8. The Machan, Maharashtra:

This island of green is located in Jambulne which is a two and a half hours drive from the bustling Mumbai and serves as a perfect getaway from the city of dreams. A weekend getaway to The Machan is a perfect escapade to nature’s realm. It is not only a major tourist attraction but also one of the world’s 25 biological hot spots. It offers unique tree houses which rise about 30-45 feet above the forest offering complete serenity.

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9. Rainforest Boutique Tree House Resort, Kerala:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that God’s own country is also the country of tree houses. Rainforest Boutique Tree HouseResort, Athirapally is one of the eye catching ones. The quickest way to reach here is via Cochin International Airport which is just an hour’s distance. One can shrug off all the town’s fatigue by just having a hearty inhalation of the air that surrounds this place. It offers a mesmerizing view of the mighty Athirapally Falls and boasts of a pool and sprawling lawns too.

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10. Nature Zone Resort, Munnar:

Every south Indian trip is incomplete without visiting the misty Munnar. Nature Zone Resort as they say, has tree houses built on trees carefully selected by tribals. One can enjoy a panoramic view of Kannan Devan Hills from Munnar and low flying clouds that float around lifelessly. You may also experience an adrenaline rush by doing a host of adventure activities. Spotting barking deer, wild elephant, mouse deer, Neelgiri wood pigeon and many other unique species is not extraordinary here.

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Visiting these resorts is all that one needs to do when nature summons and body demands relaxation. They say nature is the remedy of all problems. Indulge in the healing process and let nature caress you.

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