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Mahbubnagar, Telangana Overview

Also known as Palamuru or Rukmammapeta, Mahabubnagar is a city that boasts of immense historical significance and is situated on the western border of Telangana. It is the perfect destination for a day trip or weekend getaway from Hyderabad especially for those interested in history since it houses a multitude of old forts, sacred sites, tombs and more that make for a wonderful educational experience. There are also several natural wonders that one can visit.

One of the most popular attractions here is Mallelatheertham, a cascading waterfall in the Nallamala forest district which is a great spot for picnicking, swimming, photography and just relaxing. Pillalamarri is a 700-year-old banyan tree that attracts many tourists who come here to marvel at its branches that span an area of about 3 acres, to sit under its shade and also to see the tomb of a Muslim saint that is placed under it. 

For history buffs, Khilla Ghanpur is a fort accessible via a trek. It dates back to the Vijayanagar Empire and is known for its splendid architecture and for its freshwater pools where tourists can swim. Another fort close to the city is the Koilkonda Fort which is accessible only after passing through 7 gates. The magnificent Megalithic burial sites located here are also representative of the art during the neolithic era. 

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Best Time To Visit Mahbubnagar

Like other places in the Deccan region, Mahbubnagar maintains a warm, tropical climate throughout the year. Accordingly, the city has an annual temperature range of 16 degrees to 39 degrees. As the summers make it difficult to stay outside, it is advisable to visit the city in winters when the temperature doesn’t rise beyond a pleasant 25 degrees. In this regard, the months December, January, and February are particularly favourable.

Tips For Visiting Mahbubnagar

1. Do not vandalise the historical sites by etching your name, other signs and marks on the walls or rocks; doing so counts as a punishable offence.
2. Do not litter at any of the temples; they are places of holy worship and littering indicates disrespect.
3. Carry your camera, but do not take pictures wherever photography is forbidden.

How To Reach Mahbubnagar

Mahbubnagar is accessible best through Hyderabad. To get to Hyderabad, one can avail the option of taking a flight to the city and upon reaching the airport hire a private cab -- Mahbubnagar is at a distance of 95 kms from Hyderabad by road. There’s also the alternative choice of taking a train from Hyderabad: the train journey is about 90 minutes long and very reliable.

Sightseeing and Picnic

1. Mayuri Hatha Vanam (Eco Park)

A nursery-cum-park, Mayuri Hatham Vanam makes for the perfect escape from the commotion of the city or the wear and tear of one’s exploration. If you want to relax amongst appealing greenery and idle around whilst rolling down grass hills during your trip to Mahbubnagar, this is the place to be!

Mayuri Hatha Vanam

2. Pedda Cheruvu

Translating to ‘big lake’, this stillwater site is as useful as it is scenic: not only do tourists relax by it to unwind and picnic but also the locals inhabiting near it deploy it as a shortcut to reach their various destinations across the city.

3. Pillala Marri Tree

A 700 year old banyan tree -- the sheer rarity of witnessing a living thing from what can be characterised as the medieval times draws you in, and, sure enough, one look at its looming canopy is what makes you stay. The famed tree has a tomb of a Muslim saint underneath it. Yet at the same site, there’s an ancient Shiva temple, a mini zoo, an aquarium as well as an archaeological museum. The location of the tree is at a distance of about 4 kms from the main city of Mahbubnagar.

Pillala Marri Tree

4. Khilla Ghanpur

At a distance of about 26 kms from the town of Mahbubnagar, Khilla Ghanpur stands as an ancient fort atop a hill. This unique monument that once belonged to the Vijaynagar Empire now draws history enthusiasts from all over! Within its boundaries, you’ll find not only styles of architecture that are bound to leave you in awe but also freshwater pools where tourists go for a swim even now!

Food and Shopping

Both the road to Mahbubnagar from Hyderabad and the city proper have a wide array of restaurants where one gets to indulge their taste buds in the choicest of staple Telgu cuisine: there’s tangy and spicy blends like sarva pindi or puntikura chana dal, pachi pulusu as well as bachali kura served with delicious millet-based breads in addition to lavish desserts including but not limited to putharekulu and all manners of kajjas and laddoos.

Whether looking to satiate your thirst for historical wonder, or hoping to gain a humbling yet entirely novel experience, visit Mahbubnagar! You’ll come to regain appreciation for the richness of India’s vast history and culture.

Historical Exploration

Having undergone the rule of several dynasties, Mahbubnagar has a multitude of historical sites:

1. Koilkonda Fort

At a distance of about 29 kms form Mahbubnagar, this fort draws history enthusiasts and explorers in heavy numbers. Though its interiors have not stood well the test of time, the fort nevertheless makes for a wondrous sight upon visiting. That’s partly got to do with the way one gets to enter the fort. Plodding through a weathered canyon to reach the hilltop, you pass through 7 gates to be finally greeted by the fort. It makes for quite a memorable experience!

Koilkonda Fort

2. Megalithic Burial Sites

Peppered all across the nearby villages, these rock shelters not only provide abode for the dead long gone but also haphazardly display art from the neolithic period. Getting to visit these incredible monuments from our prehistoric past fills one with a sense of awe scarcely feasible elsewhere!

Megalithic Burial Sites

Religious Worship

Kings who ruled this land and authorities that overlook its sustenance now alike established multiple places of worship:

1. Sri Ramakonda Temple, Koilkanda

Located at a distance of about 23 kms from Mahbubnagar, this temple is mired in legend surrounding its origins and features. It’s believed that a piece of the Sanjvini Hill fell over the region, leading to the establishment of this temple. Furthermore, legend dictates that Lord Rama visited the spot with his wife Sita and rested on a particular rock where the pious have been known to meditate throughout centuries. Regardless of the value one attaches to these legends, this temple is nevertheless quite ancient and worth visiting for all tourists to Mahbubnagar.

2. Sri Swayambhu Lakshmi Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Maganoor

Situated in a village not far from Mahbubnagar, this temple is a shrine to both Goddess Laxmi and Lord Venkatesware Swamy. It is held that the presence of this shrine allows the crops around the temple region to flourish and also averts natural disasters. Those with an interest in exploring place of mythical significance in and around Mahbubnagar should certainly check this one off their bucket list!

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