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Mallela Theertham, Hyderabad Overview

Imagine yourself in front of a meandering and brimming waterfall surrounded by lush green trees which are adorned with blooming flowers. The sweet fragrance of the water and flowers in the air making the place heavenly and magical. If you think such a place only exists in imagination, Mallela Theethram will prove you wrong. Nestled in the state of Telangana, Mallela Theertham is a hidden gem untouched by industrialization and bountiful in scenic beauty. Falling from a height of about 150 feet, this waterfall is quite a sight to see. The serene and pristine water of the fall will rejuvenate your body and soul.


Mallela Theertham is considered a serene and divine waterfall. It is believed that a large number of sagacious sages performed penance at this very place to please and worship Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was so content by their prayers and penance that he himself appeared in front of the devotees to bless them.


The dense forest of Mallela Theethram is rich in flora and fauna. A large number of wild animals are inhabitants of this place. Bears and tigers can easily spotted near the waterfall as they come to quench their thirst. Monkeys are the most commonly spotted animals who keeps dangling from one tree to another. They are very mischievous and love snatching things from people. A large number of colourful birds can be spotted nestled on trees and their sweet chirpings can be heard echoing throughout the place. Snakes are also commonly found in the thick forest of Mallela Theertham.

Places to Visit

1. Shiva Lingam

A Shiva lingam is situated on top of the waterfall which is constructed in dedication of Lord Shiva. This Shiva Lingam is considered powerful and spiritual. The locals believed that it possess magical powers since Lord Shiva himself visited this place. Make sure to pay a visit to this Shiva Lingam to pray and seek blessings.

Things to Do

1. Swimming

The waterfall is a perfect place to take a dive into. The bubbling pond that forms at the bottom of the waterfall is filled with cold water. You can even stand under the waterfall and experience the water falling with great force easing your tightened muscles. If you want to spend some quiet time amidst nature, you can even choose to sit on the edge of the waterfall with your feet dangling in the water and relax.

2. Trekking

To reach this magnificent waterfall you will have to trek down about 300 steps. These steps are a bit in ruin so be careful while stepping down to avoid getting injured. The way to the waterfall is full of verdant trees and small hills. This trek will open your senses and make you feel close to nature. Your lungs will also finally heave a sigh of relief to breath in fresh air. This trek will add a tad bit thrill and excitement to your trip.

3. Picnic

This picturesque place is ideal to have a picnic and be surrounded by the beauties of nature. You can enjoy some quiet and peaceful time enjoying scrumptious food while sitting close to the waterfall. Tiny droplets of cool water will brush against your skin making you feel rejuvenated. This place will provide inner peace and you would be able to spend some time lazing amidst nature after a hearty meal.

Mallela Theertham? is a perfect weekend getaway to unwind and spend some peaceful time amidst nature. The mesmerizing waterfall and the lush green forests will provide you with serenity and peace and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This is an ideal destination to getaway from the pell mell of daily life.

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Best Time To Visit Mallela Theertham

The best time to visit Mallela Theertham is between the months of October and February. The waterfall is bubbling with water along which soft breeze flows. Avoid travelling to Mallela Theeram during summer and rainy season. The muddy roads during the monsoon season are difficult to drive on and the summer season is very hot and dry which is not ideal to travel to Mallela Theertham?.

Tips For Visiting Mallela Theertham

  1. Carry eatables and water bottles with you as there are no eateries in or around this place.
  2. The route to the waterfall is slippery and there are chances of getting slipped. So, be careful and wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  3. A large number of mischievous monkeys inhabit this place, so beware of them and do not tease them.

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