Bathukamma 2021 - Festival of Telangana

Dates15th October to 23rd October in 2020
Bathukamma Festival is an annual celebration in Telangana that goes on for nine days. Celebrated during September - October, according to the Gregorian calendar, its timing collides with that of the festival of Navratri. The festival is filled with many colourful exotic flowers of the region and symbolises the collective spirit of the people of Telangana.

When is the Bathukamma 2020?

Celebrated during September and October, it comes in the latter half of monsoon. The rain fills the dry lakes and ponds and the nine days celebration of this vibrant festival looks even more beautiful. It is celebrated from the 15th of October to the 23rd of October in the year 2020.

Nine Days of Bathukama - Saddula and Pedda Bathukamma

Engili pula Bathukamma
Atkula Bathukamma
Muddapappu Bathukamma
Nanabiyyam Bathukamma
Atla Bathukamma
Aligina Bathukamma
Vepakayala Bathukamma
Vennamuddala Bathukamma
Saddula Bathukamma

The Venue of Bathukama 2020

This is festival of Telangana and is generally celebrated by the Hindu. Women and young girls celebrate this festival in a group in their respective localities. Everyone eagerly waits for this festival, even the men of the household help prepare for the celebration.

Why is Bathukama Celebrated? About the Festival and its Importance

This festival is to pray to the Goddess for health and achievements of each family. Young women of the Hindu household get to pray to the Goddess for a husband of their choice. It also is a chance to teach the young girls on how to take care of their future husband and in-laws.

Meaning of Bathukama

Bathukamma means “Mother Goddess come to life”. It represents the culture and identity of the people of Telangana and involves the worship of Maha Gauri - “Life Giver” in the form of Gauri Devi (patron goddess of womanhood). 

Bathukamma festival
Bathukama Festival

Preparations for Bathukama Festival

The festival involves young women arranging flowers in stacks and making rangoli to start the celebrations. The men also help celebrate this festival, by aiding in the preparations like by collecting the different vibrant colour flowers such as Marigold, Lotus, Senna. Some of the women dip a few flowers in various vibrant colours and then arrange them in a wide plate, stacked.

Performing the Rituals

The rituals of this festival are performed by the Hindu women, especially young girls, who gather around in large numbers in their local areas during the evening time. Forming a circle, they then form a circle and perform the ritual which involves them singing a folk song and revolving around the Bathukamma, all the while clapping their hands and walking in synchronised steps. This entire performance is to invoke the blessings of the goddess for good health and prosperity for their families. 

Last day of the festival
A woman at the Festival

This nine days festival that concludes on Durgashtami includes a kind of food offering every day which are easy to prepare so young girls can participate as well. On the last day, there is a massive celebration with drums, music and energy of the people as they take the Bathukamma to the water bodies to immerse them. The women carry the stacks of flowers on their head to the nearest large water body. Since everything used during the festival is biodegradable, there is no harm done to the water bodies. This entire ritual is a visual treat for everyone on the outside. One is travelled to a different world when witnessing this and so this festival should be on your checklist.

Women Celebrating the Bathukamma festival
Women Celebrating the Bathukamma Festival

Origin Story of Bathukama

There are a few myths on how the festival came into being in the Hindu religion. One of them being that in the Chola Dynasty, A king named Dharmangada used to rule South India. His wife had lost a hundred sons and was now praying to Goddess Lakshmi for another child and then they were blessed with a girl. She survived a lot of unforeseen accidents as a child and hence was named Bathukamma. The festival is eagerly looked forward by the Hindu women so they can pray for the health and prosperity of their household from the “Mother of Life”.

Celebration of Bathukamma
Celebration of Bathukama

The festival brings out the beauty of nature is the entire celebration is eco-friendly. The preparations and rituals are so colourful and unique that they bring joy and happiness even to the audience.

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