Airports in Telangana

1. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport operates in the busy city of Hyderabad, Telangana.  The airport is located in Shamshabad, 20 kilometres south of the Hyderabad city. It has a single passage terminal with a capacity of 12 million people boarding both domestic and international flights.  There are 46 immigration counters and 96 check-in desks installed. 

Major airlines like SpiceJet, Air India, Air Asia, Gulf Airways and Jet Airways operate regularly in this airport. The flights taking off from this particular airport land in Goa, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Bangkok and other travel and business-oriented destinations.

The airport is well connected with railway as the nearest railway stations are Umdanagar and Budvel which are at a distance of 4 km and 7 km respectively. There are others too within a maximum radius of 20 kilometres. The airport authorities also run a luxurious shuttle service. There are 18 pick-up locations in the city. The minimum bus fare is INR 106 and the maximum goes up to INR 256. The road connectivity is also good.

The Airport is smartly located to magnify the possibility for the traveller to explore the city. Destinations like Dhanalakshmi Kshetra Temple, Rajarajeshwari Devi Alayam, Ayappa Temple, Mughal Garden, and Horticulture Garden etc. have got the tourist's eye on a mass level.  You can pre-book your cab or hire a taxi from the terminal itself to either explore or drive straight to the nearest hotel.

The airport premises are packed with shops and services like ATMs, restaurants, lounges, Jewelry stores, spa and the internet.



2. Begumpet Airport, Old Airport Hyderabad

Also known as Hyderabad Old Airport, Begumpet Airport is part public and part military. The airport is shared by Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy and the Begumpet Air Force Station of the Indian Air Force. Earlier the airport was a host to all types of domestic and international passengers, but after the inauguration of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, all flights from this airport were shut down. The airport now functions as a base for military aviation training and carrying VIPs.  Nearest railway station is Begumpet Railway Station which is at a distance of 5 kilometres. The place shares a great link with roadways as the nearest bus stand is located just 2 kilometres from the airport.


3. Dundigal Air Force Academy

The Air Force Academy is located in Dundigal, 23 Kilometres away from the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The airport stretches for a good 7000 acres in area. The establishment was set up to train cadets from all streams at one location. It includes training to the Flying, Technical and Ground Duty Branches as well as officers of the Army and Navy. This is a home for the trainee officers learning their respective skills. The nearest railway station is Secunderabad Railway Station which is about 32 Kilometres from the airport terminal. A separate bus stand has been provided with a name of Airforce Academy (Dundigal). A direct bus service to the prominent places of the city could be availed directly from here.  

Flying training, Air Traffic Control Officers Training, Ground Duty Officers training, and Joint Service training are the four major skills taught to the trainees at Dundigal Air Force Academy.



4. Ramagundam Airport

Ramagundam Airport functions in the city of Ramagundam. The airport is not frequently in use since 2010, only VIP s carrying flights are permitted to use, for an emergency landing.

5. Nadirgul Airfield

Nadirgul Airfield is located at 12 kilometres south-east of Hyderabad on Nagarjuna Sagar Highway. The Andhra Pradesh Flying Club, Flytech Aviation Academy and the Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy use this as a base to train pilots.


6.  Warangal Airport

The airport is located in Warangal, in the state of Telangana. It was marked as the largest airport in the pre-independence era. There are no scheduled flights right now from this particular airport.

Telangana is an integral part of India in which, Hyderabad is a hub for business and other activities. Most of the airports are underdeveloped except Rajiv Gandhi International Airport which is a global airport contributing its fair share to the travel industry.

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