Famous & Local Food of Madhya Pradesh

The cuisine at the heart of India is lined with diverse styles and specialities, which vary across the vast boundaries of the state. Given its size, and a unique personality that each of its towns and cities carries, it's only natural that the food here too sustains a vibrant variety, grandeur and flavour of its own.

The state's cuisine has influences of everything that's in and around it, making the platter rich with variety in flavours and aromas. The main elements of the food are Wheat, Rice, Meat, and Fish. Dal Bafla, Biryani, Kebabs, Korma, Poha, Pilaf, Rogan Josh, Jalebi, Ladoos are a speciality of the state. Another feature of Madhya Pradesh is its vibrant street food culture. The streets are filled with traditional delicacies such as Bun Kabab, Paya Soup and much more. Lassi, Beer, Sugarcane Juice and some locally made alcoholic beverages are also staple to the state's cuisine.

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