Best Time To Visit United Kingdom

Best Time: June - August Read More

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June - August is the best time to visit United Kingdom

One can visit the United Kingdom anytime of the year but June to August serves as the best time to explore the region when days are long and warm. Make sure to carry sunscreen and raingear as rain can appear anytime irrespective of the season.

United Kingdom in United Kingdoms in April Ð May (Spring)

During the early spring, the weather conditions are unpredictable to the point that it can either snow or it may be warm. In England, the temperature in March is 9.3 deg C with average rainfall as 66.5 mm whereas in May be the end of spring, the average temperature remains 15.4 deg C. By the end of March, the amount of daylight increases and the clock is put forward by one hour for darker mornings and longer daylight in evenings.

United Kingdom in United Kingdoms in June Ð August (Summer)

This is the time when weather is hottest and definitely not the driest. The average temperature of the region in August rises to 69 deg C with average rainfall as 66.7 mm. Owing to BritainÕs northerly latitude, one will witness more sunshine during the summer months here. For instance, Scotland sees sunlight for 18 hours a day during midsummer.

United Kingdom in United Kingdoms in September Ð November (Autumn)

During the start of Autumn season in September, there is a drop in temperature and amount of rainfall increases. By the end of this month, trees begin to shed leaves marking the end of summers in true sense. The maximum average temperature in November reaches 9.5 deg C with average amount of rainfall as 83.5 mm.

United Kingdom in United Kingdoms in November Ð March (Winter)

England in winters faces not so extreme weather condition that stay well above the freezing point. Scotland and northern England is usually the coldest, sometimes with heavy snow. During January, the maximum average temperature is 1.1 deg C and the average rainfall is 84.2 mm. Thick fog and low clouds often hinder with sunlight that averages for only 1 to 2 hours. Since the daylight is less, the clocks go back by 1 hour at the end of the month of October. This implies sun set at 4:00 pm.

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