Countries To Visit In United Kingdom

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Here are the top 4 in United Kingdom

1. England

1 out of 4 Countries To Visit in United Kingdom

One of the most popular countries in the world, England is located in Europe. It is also the dream destination for a lot of people for its beauty and grandeur. With a great history behind it, it has a rich heritage and culture. The English countryside is one of the most peaceful places in the country. The most famous historical sites include the old castles on the countryside, Roman sites and the royal palaces. Each city in the country has its own charm.

2. Ireland

2 out of 4 Countries To Visit in United Kingdom

Located in the northwestern Europe, the island of Ireland is famous for its ancient rocks and great legends. Apart from the natural beauty of the beaches, lakes, mountains and limestone deserts, the country is also known for its numerous festivals. It is also known as the Emerald Isle as it is rich is poetry, prose, painting as well as tourist literature. With proper warmth and hospitality, Ireland is very popular among the tourists.

3. Scotland

3 out of 4 Countries To Visit in United Kingdom

Scotland, a part of the UK, is located in northwestern Europe and is one of the most important countries in the continent. When one thinks of Scotland, the chequered kilts and bagpipes come to mind. However, there is a lot more to the country. From the lush green highlands to the coastal blue waters, from fine Scotch whiskies and brilliant food, you can experience all. Scotland also has a long history, and its magnificent castles can vouch for that.

4. Wales

4 out of 4 Countries To Visit in United Kingdom

With so much to offer, Wales gives its tourists a well-rounded experience with beautiful coasts, magnificent mountains and rolling, green fields. Thereƕs never a boring moment in the country. One can go scuba diving, bird watching, indulge in water sports and take a tour of the remarkable "Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty" or enjoy some wonderful meat dishes and drink exquisite whisky by a roaring fire in of the delightful pubs in Cardiff or Swansea.

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