Places To Visit In Scandinavian Region

Best Time: June Ð August Read More

Budget: Very Expensive

Here are the top 2 destinations to visit in Scandinavian Region

1. Stockholm

4.6 /5

1 out of 2 Places To Visit in Scandinavian Region

Stockholm is the hub of all of Sweden's activities, ranging from the political and the economic to the cultural. It is the most populous city in the country and also in the entire Nordic region. Stockholm is a proper metropolis, complete with world class public transport facilities, international sp...

2. Reykjavik

4.8 /5

2 out of 2 Places To Visit in Scandinavian Region

Reykjavik is the northernmost capital city of the world and serves as the gateway and focal point of tourism in Iceland. Known for its hip music, indigenous art, rich history, funky culinary choices and breath-taking beauty, Reykjavik offers the best of modern taste and natural beauty to its tourist...

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