Oceania Countries

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"A Region With a Rich Culture and Breathtaking Beauty"

Oceania Countries Tourism

The Oceania countries consists of Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands,Vanuatu, Samoa, Kiribati, Tonga, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, Nauru, and Tuvalu. The region is known for its diversity, natural beauty, art, culture, and food. The people of this region are very warm and hospitable.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Cuisines. Natural beauty.

What's Not So Great?

Certain areas are prone to typhoons.

For Whom?

Nature lovers. Adventure seekers.

Details of Oceania Countries

About places in Oceania Countries

Australia is known for its natural wonders, beaches, and the adventurous opportunities it provides. New Zealand is popular for its fine wine, its adventure sports, and unique wildlife. Visit Fiji to experience its colourful history, adventure sports like sand boarding along with its water sports. If you're up for an adventure, Fiji also has some thrilling jungle treks. New Caledonia is a melting pot of ethnic communities with a heavenly climate and some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Samoa is a highly underated country with a unique culture and an exquisite cuisine.

Stay Option in Oceania Countries

There are a variety of accomodation options available in this region. There are many B&Bs, luxury hotels, mid- range hotels, and budget hotels. You can also rent a cottage or opt for a luxurious cruise.

Culture, Religion & Language of Oceania Countries

Oceanian countries are very linguistically diverse. The major languages found here are Austronesian languages, Polynesian languages, Papuan languages, Colonial languages, Creole languages, French etc. Majority of the people are Christians in this region. Although, one would also find a Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu minority. English is widely spoken in this region and can be easily understood by most people.

Food in Oceania Countries

Food of the Oceanian countries are influenced by many cultures. Especially , Austraian cuisine is a blend of many cultures. The region's cuisine mostly consists of sea foods and vegetables. Common ingredients include calamari, smoked salmon, lamb, coconut, rice, fish, crayfish, bluff oysters, shellfish, mussels, scallops, pork, venison, paua (abalone), clams, sweet potatoes, and kiwis. Common methods of preparation include boiling, steaming, roasting, and baking.

Tips for visiting Oceania Countries

The Oceania countries are quite safe for solo travellers. Although, there are a few things that one should keep in mind.Carry your passport and a photocopy of your documents at all times. Bring clothes according to the season you're travelling in.

Nightlife in Oceania Countries

Most of the nightlife is concentrated in Australia and New Zealand. There are numerous clubs, discos, sports bars, rooftop bars, and pubsin this region. They feature some very interesting beverages along with some groovy music that'll make sure that you get your money's worth.

Shopping in Oceania Countries

Artifacts, stone and woodcarvings, bark paintings, shields and boomerangs, indigenous musical instruments, grass mats and bags, ceramicsscarves, ceramics, jams and preserves, pottery and weaving are definitely worth buying. Nelson particularly, is famous for its ceramics. Woollen jackets, shirts and pullovers made from NZ wool and available in most shops, are deliciously warm and perfect for the NZ weather. Choose carefully and be rest assured they'll last you for a lifetime. Sheepskin shoes, wall hangings, rugs, home-spun yarns and other goods are some other value buys.

Festival in Oceania Countries

You can see the people of this region embracing their creativity through their festivals. Australia's Crack Theatre Festival features performances across multiple arts including theater, film, music, stand-up comedy and circus. Newzealand's The Big Day Out is an annual event featuring live performances from vrious bands and stalls selling a variety of food, drink and interesting consumer goods. Fiji's Bula Festival celebrates the nation's heritage through its music, dance, and parades. A woman is crowned Miss Bula at the end of the festival.

Hygiene in Oceania Countries

Make sure to get vaccinated for Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio, Meningitis, Jap. B Encephalitis, Diphtheria, Rabies, and Hepatitis B. Drink bottled water. Most of the countries of this region are quite clean and as a traveller you should maintain that standard.

Customs of Oceania Countries

People of this region are not too restrictive with dress codes but its best to dress according to weather. Tipping in countries like Australia and New Zealand is not mandatory but not discouraged either. In nations like Fiji it is considered odd and shouldn't be done.
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