Best Time To Visit East Asia

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Budget: Expensive

Mar is the best time to visit East Asia

East Asia in East Asia in June - August (Summer)

The temperatures are quite high during this time. The entire region is quite hot except for the mountains. This is also the rainy season which makes the environment a bit muggy. If you're looking for budget travel, this is a good time to visit as East Asia won't be too crowded.

East Asia in East Asia in September - October (Autumn)

This is the most comfortable time to travel. The temperatures are pleasantly warm. There is limited amount of rainfall making it easier to travel. However, this is also typhoon season. Although, one could expect heavy rain in Mongolia.

East Asia in East Asia in November - February (Winter)

The winters of East Asia are incredibly cold. However, it is a good time to snowboard, ski, and skate. It is imortant to pack enough warm clothing and snow shoes.

East Asia in East Asia in March - May (Spring)

The weather is pleasant during this time. Nevertheless, it is advised to carry a light sweater as the evenings could be a bit chilly. The flowers are in bloom and the scenery is breathtaking. Unfortunately, there could be unpredictable snowstorms in Mongolia during this time. However, these are the driest months of Taiwan making it the best time to visit.

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