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A boat dock, an art area, a lakeside park and a marketplace everything fits in at this mesmerizing square of Bürkliplatz. Very much a lively place with a flea market and serene waters of Lake Zurich, you experience best of both the worlds at this spot. Bürkliplatz is also home to many local events including the athletic ones that occur in Zurich, Switzerland.

The square is named after Arnold Bürkli, a chief engineer in Zurich, who majorly contributed in designing and construction of Quaianlagen on Zurich Lake as well the Quaibrücke Bridge.  He also worked on reconstructing Zurich from 1867 to improve the city’s water supply and sewerage system. Earlier Bürkliplatz resided on swamplands between Limmat River and Lake Zurich on pile dwellings to prevent floodings by other rivers of Linth and Jona.

Stadthausanlage, a point of interest at Bürkliplatz was formerly part of Kratzquartier accommodation at Bauschänzli. It was built in 1833 by continuous land filling made up of rubble, along the lakeside thereby forming a modern lakeshore city.

Today Bürkliplatz is a historic place situated at Alpenquai region, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site around the Alps, Switzerland. Considered as a starting point for visitors of Lake Zurich, the spot also a dock now holds a variety of official and leisure events. On the west of Bürkliplatz lies the Quay Bridge or Quaibrücke that crosses Limmat River and Bahnhofstrasse. To the east is Fraumünsterstrasse, one of the official buildings of Zurich, while on the south lies Stadthausanlage, also a City hall area.

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Popular Spots at Bürkliplatz

Lake Zurich: The very first activity every tourist looks forward to in Zurich is the lake with the same name. Take a boat trip through this picturesque lake that was once a majorly used as a traffic and transportation route. Today the lake is famous for swimming, boating and picnicking on it shore while enjoying the beautiful climate of Zurich. You can also go island hopping as the lake has four mini islands on it absolutely worth a visit.

Makes sure to pose with Gaymede statue at Bürkliplatz believed to be young boy of Zeus according to Greek mythology. The idol with an outstretched hand symbolizes the man’s wishing to reach Mount Olympus instead of being abducted by Zeus. Visiting here is free and is accessible anytime and any day of the week.

Quaibrücke:  Built between 1880-1884 by Arnold Bürkli, the bridge is located at the spout of ale Zurich and over the Limmat River. During the construction of various other quays in Zurich, the bridge was built as nodal point of transportation for road, trams, pedestrians and bicycle. The bridge is a connector between two town squares of Bürkliplatz and Bellevueplatz as well as manages traffic linking General-Guisan-Quai and Utoquai.

Fraumünsterstrasse: This building designed in Tuscan Renaissance style in 1895-1898 was once a post office of Zurich. Its ground floor called as ‘Fahrpost’ had telegraph and ticket halls while the first floor was a post office for around 150 postmen. Today the place is a commercial property with a combination of historical charm along with modern equipped structure. The offices here are both classic and contemporary themed in various sizes with generous windows providing breathtaking views of Limmat River.

Bellevueplatz: Named after the former Grandhotel Bellevue, this town square holds a major transportation point for both road and trams. With an area of 200 meters the quayside has many restaurants and cafes attracting tourists visiting Zurich. Bound by streets of Theaterstrasse, Rämistrasse, Schoeckstrasse and Utoquai, a lakefront quay area the place has a lively and busy vibe to it.

A must visit place here is Café Odeon a historical one started back in 1911 where creative artists and politicians spent time. Though the times have changed the tradition remains the same with accepting people of all age groups anytime of the day or night. Tourists, students, working professionals, entrepreneurs come here to sip on great coffee and have relaxing moments. Due to a favorable weather of Zurich Odeon is mostly filled with people enjoying a cup of coffee or a Cüpli (A glass of Champagne).

Built in 1881-1887 and later renovated in the year 2015, the place now has improved transport lines. Bürkliplatz is a waterfront area with many promenades offering pristine blue water shores and the snow-capped Alps in the background.

Shopping at Bürkliplatz

Unlike Bahnhofstrasse that caters to luxury shopping experience, this town square is slightly sobered one. The biggest Flea Market at Bürkliplatz is perfect to search for rarities like antiques, paintings, souvenirs and anything that’s worth buying second-hand. Few of catchy items here are vintage, vinyl, Chinese and wooden pieces with unique charm to them.

It takes place every Saturday between May and October and has existed for more than 48 years in this Zurich district. On special events like Zurich Pride Festival, Streetparade and Züri-Fäscht in 2019 the market remains open due to its popularity.

You can get best bargains here for fine quality goods as the market vendors are friendly and welcoming at the market. It is located at the end of Bahnhofstrasse and at a walking distance of Zurich Central Station.  Trams that can get you here are 2, 4, 8, 9 or 11 to the Bürkliplatz and from there it’s at walking distance.

How to Reach

Bus, Train or Light Rail are the preferred options you may use to get to Bürkliplatz. Following are the closest stations to Bürkliplatz: Schiffstation Bürkliplatz (3 min walk), Zürich, Börsenstrasse (3 min walk), Paradeplatz (5 min walk) and Helmhaus (7 min walk)  

By Bus: From Bahnhof Hedigen: 200, 161

              From Gleis: 768, 80 and 46

              From Dilaila Club: 485, 46

             From New Point Oerlikon: 80, 46

By Train: From Bahnhof Hedigen: S5

                 From Gleis: S2, S12

                 From Dilaila Club: S6

                 From New Point: S6

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