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The FraumÙnster Church is one of the oldest and most important churches of Switzerland. The church was founded in 835, by Louis the German, and is one of the 4 major churches of Zurich.

The church was built as part of the convent of aristocratic women that was formed by Louis the German for his daughter. Over the course of time, the abbey gained a lot of power and influence, up until the 16th century, when it was dissolved in 1524. The most famous feature of the FraumÙnster Church are the Chaggal windows, designed by Marc Chaggal and installed in 1970. These are 5 huge stained glass windows, each depicting a story from Christianity. The works from right to left are- Law, Zion, Christ, Jacob and Prophets. Another enormous stained glass work is that of Augusto Giacometti, who did his in 1942. The Romanesque chancel and the high vaulted trancept are also beautiful architectural features of the church.

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