How To Reach Warsaw

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How to Reach Warsaw

Warsaw is quite easy to get to. It has 2 airports -- The Chopin Airport & Warsaw Modlin Airport. There are also 3 rail stations for both international and domestic trains. Long-distance buses arrive at Dworzec PKS Warszawa Zachodnia, Warsaw's bus stop.¾

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How to Reach Warsaw from India

Qatar Airways, Swiss Airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Jet Airways & Air India are the flights that will take you to Warsaw. There are no non-stop flights from India to Warsaw.¾

How to reach Warsaw by train

Warszaw Centralna, Warszawa Zachodnia and Warszawa Wschodnia are the 3 huge railway stations in Warsaw. All three bring in both international as well as domestic trains, so it's quite easy to get to this city by train.¾

How to reach Warsaw by bus

Dworzec PKS Warszawa Zachodnia is the bus station in Warsaw. It receives international as well as national connections. There are also private buses from nearby cities that can get you to Warsaw.¾

Local transport in Warsaw

Trams, buses and the metro are the most popular choices for getting around Warsaw. More than 1,500 buses are available in the city. There are also Night buses available and these are marked by the letter N, along with a 2 digit number. In case you want to travel while skipping the lesser important stops, you can choose to travel by Fast Buses, which are marked by red coloured digits. Tickets are valid for all 3 modes of transport (bus, tram, metro) and can be purchased from kiosks that sport the RUCH logo. This logo is coloured in green and yellow. Alternately, tickets can be purchased from kiosks with signs saying 'Bilety'. A single ticket for a standard transport route costs PLN 4.40. A day ticket will cost you PLN 13 or 26, in case you're traveling to both Zone 1 (including the airport) and Zone 2. There is also a weekend ticket that allows you an unlimited number of trips, from 19:00 on Friday to 8:00 on Monday and this costs PLN 24.¾

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