Places To Visit in Poland

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Here are the top 3 tourist places in Poland

1. Warsaw

3.4 /5

1 out of 3
Places to visit in Poland 7
Tourist attractions

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and is a part of the Mazovia plane. The city is an amalgamation of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, in terms of its architecture. Interestingly, it is said that Warsaw, together with Paris, Frankfurt, London and Barcelona, has the greatest number o...

Best Time: May to September

2. Krakow

4.6 /5

2 out of 3
Places to visit in Poland 7
Tourist attractions

Krakow being one of the largest and oldest cities of Poland, is a perfect place for a cheap and easy weekend getaway from Germany. One can opt for the free walking tours for their old town krakow tour and it is totally worth it. The main sightseeing spots of the Old town include the St Mary's Basili...

Best Time: May to September

3. Auschwtiz

4.4 /5

3 out of 3
Places to visit in Poland 3
Tourist attractions

Auschwtiz is a town which is present in the lesser known parts of Poland . This place is famous for the Aushwtiz concentration camp which was is a concentration camps by the Germans during second world war. This place is accesible from a nearby area called as Krakow by the means of bus as well as by...

Best Time: Throughout the year

FAQs on Poland

What is the history of Poland?

In 1966, Duke Mieszko I converted to Christianity. As a result, Poland was inducted into the group of Western nations. When Lithuania accepted Christianity as well, the Polish-Lithuanian connection was formed. Together, Poland and Lithuania defeated the Teutonic Knights. During the 16th century, Poland flourished and expanded. Poland succumbed to the influence of foreign powers by the 18th century and disappeared from the map, only to reappear in 1918. After the end of World War II, Poland went under the control of the Soviet. But in 1980, this power was broken, and Poland rose again.

What is unique about culture of Poland?

It is a part of Polish culture to be polite and well spoken. Manners are given a lot of importance here. Marriage is considered to be holy. Their culture also stresses upon the importance of both kinship and patriotism. A majority of the population is Catholic, closely followed by Roman Catholics. The rest are Eastern Orthodox or Protestants. A small percentage follow Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Polish is the official language of the country. It is also a multi-linguistic country. Other languages spoken here include German, Kashubian, Russian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian.

How is Poland divided into regions?

The major regions of Poland are Greater Poland, Lesser Poland and Masovia. The former is very well-known for its cycle trails, such as the One Hundred Lakes Trail and the Piast Trail. The latter is frequently visited as it comprises of Warsaw, which is Poland's capital. Lesser Poland abounds with beautiful architecture in the form of wooden churches and the Wawel Royal Castle. It also holds Krakow, another famous Polish city.
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