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1. Chom Ong Caves

Chom Ong Caves

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places to visit in Udomxai

Chom Ong is a natural cave located close to the city of Oudomxay in Oudomxay province in northern Laos. Spreading for over 16km, it is the second-longest cave in Laos and the 9th longest in South East Asia. Best explored with a guide, it is one of the worth-visiting attractions for tourists traveling in northern Laos.

2. Luxay Market

Luxay Market

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places to visit in Udomxai

Luxay is a night market located in the city centre if Udomxai in Laos. Established in 2016, it is a new market in town where tourists can buy various types of souvenirs, handmade products like clothes, bags, silver jewellery, lamps, and statues. Visitors can also savour the local cuisine including desserts, different kinds of BBQs and noodles.

3. Nam Kat Waterfalls

Nam Kat Waterfalls

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places to visit in Udomxai

Nam Kat is a natural Waterfall located in Phou Hiphi national conservation forest near Ban Faen village in Oudomxay Town in Northern Laos. It is a small waterfall compared to others in the region, but is a popular destination among the locals and tourists who come here for hiking on the bamboo bridges and fantastic views of the landscape from the top of wooden skywalks.

4. Thai Ly Handicraft Shop

Thai Ly Handicraft Shop

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places to visit in Udomxai

The Thai Ly is a small handicraft shop located in the city of Muang Xay in Oudomxay province in northern Laos. It is a famous shop among tourists who visit to buy from a range of local handicrafts made in the surrounding villages by ethnic Lao communities including Khmu and Hmong. You can purchase many items like bags, hand-made jewellery, textiles and statues.

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5. Ban Chom Ong

Ban Chom Ong

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places to visit in Udomxai

Ban Chom Ong is a village located close to the city of Oudomxay in northern Laos. It is the entry point to head to Chom Ong caves, which is a popular tourist attraction for people visiting Oudomxay. The village is also home to Khmu ethnic group, who offer a tour to the visitors to get glimpses of their lives in the countryside and their unique culture and traditions. It is also very beautifully located, surrounded by paddy rice fields and mountains on all sides.

6. Phu That Stupa

Phu That Stupa

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places to visit in Udomxai

Phu That is a 14th-century Buddhist stupa located on the mountain of Phou Sebey, close to the town of Oudomxay in northern Laos. A 15 metre-high golden Buddha statue is present at the top of Phou That. The views of Oudomxay from the top surrounded by forests and the river is splendid, especially during sunsets and sunrises. It is recommended to visit the temple while traveling in the city.

7. Oudomxay Museum

Oudomxay Museum

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places to visit in Udomxai

Oudomxay Museum is located close to the city centre of Oudomxay in northern Laos. It has a small collection of the province's history, ethnic communities and culture from the 17th century until the recent war period. The Museum itself does not have an impressive collection, but its location atop Phou Sebey hill makes it a popular spot for viewing amazing sunrises and sunsets among tourists visiting the town.

8. Mekong Elephant Park

Mekong Elephant Park

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places to visit in Udomxai

Mekong Elephant Park is a small elephant centre located on the banks of the Mekong River in the city of Pak Beng in Laos. It is a non-riding elephant conservation centre which is run in collaboration with Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge. Here visitors get to interact with the elephants and watch them bathing and swimming in their natural habitat. It is worth visiting the Elephant park on your visit to Pak Beng.

9. Muang La

Muang La

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places to visit in Udomxai

Muang La is an idyllic town on the banks of the Nam Pak River close to Oudomxay town in northern Laos. It is known for beautiful natural hot springs with rolling hills around, along with scenic and traditional villages. It has become of the secluded towns for tourists visiting Oudomxay to take a day trip or stay for more days amidst nature.

FAQs on Udomxai

How can I commute within Udomxai?

The best way to explore Udomxai is on foot or by renting a motorbike. For getting to caves and nearby villages, you can reach by hiring a Tuk-Tuk or renting a bicycle daily. Cabs are available too if you want to commute to faraway places more comfortably. You can also take up boat rides to the nearby villages.
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What are the top sightseeing places in Udomxai?

The top sightseeing places in Udomxai are Chom Ong Caves, Luxay Market, Nam Kat Waterfalls, Thai Ly Handicraft Shop, Ban Chom Ong, Phu That Stupa.
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