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"Caves and the Mekong"

Thakhek Tourism

Thakhek is a small town located in Khammouane province in central Laos. It is located on the banks of the Mekong River bordering Thailand and Vietnam. It is one of the cities known for the countryside life among the tourists, who come to explore the caves and nearby villages.

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Places to Visit in Thakhek

  1. Phu Hin Bun National Park - You can go hiking in this park, where there are many marked trails. You can also swim in Khoun Kong Leng or the Blue Lagoon located on this national park. You can book guided hikes through your hotels or guest house, which costs around 276952 LAK to 461588 LAK (30 to 50 USD) per person depending on the trail and the number of days.

  2. Konglor Cave - The Konglor cave is situated in the Phou Hin Bun National Park, for which there's a 2000 LAK entrance fee. It is a 7 km cave through which the Nam Hinboun River flows. Tourists can get on motorized longboats to view the caves and huge limestone formations. The caves are partly lit and you'll need headlamps. Also, you'll pass through roofs dripping with water. The entrance fee of the cave is another 10,000 LAK. The return trip through the cave in a longboat costs about 92317 LAK (10 USD), which is less if in a group. To reach the cave, rent a taxi or tuk-tuk, as it takes about 3 hours to reach due to bad roads.

  3. Tham Pha Fa Cave - Popularly known as the Buddha cave due to more than 200 statues found here, Tham Pha Fa is another popular attraction from Thakhek. The journey to this cave is very scenic, which passes through winding limestone mountains.

  4. Aen Cave & The Falang - Aen is a commercialised cave, which is lit for the tourists. There is a river running out of the mouth which forms a swimming pool at the back, which is called the Falang.

  5. The Nam Theun 2 Visitors Centre - The Nam Theun 2 Visitors’ Centre is a gallery housing the details of all the hydroelectric projects of Laos. It consists of a theatre and an exhibition room.

Tips While Visiting Thakhek

  • There are few ATMs in Thakhek and all transactions are done in cash. It is better to carry sufficient money.

  • Also, there are very limited options for food and drinks, and the few restaurants close at 6 PM. So carry your snacks and water while exploring places and plan your dinner before 6.

  • There are no public toilets in the waterfall areas.

  • Accommodation options are limited in the town and can get booked during the peak season. It is recommended to book hotels and guesthouses in advance.

  • Carry sunscreen, umbrella or a hat for the sun and raincoats as well.

  • Also, it is recommended to wear good walking shoes as it involves walking around in steep, slippery areas.

Best Time to Visit Thakhek

How to Reach Thakhek

How to Reach Overview

The best way to reach Thakhek is by bus. Buses are available from Vientiane, Pakse, Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. It takes between 8 to 10 hours to arrive at Thakhek depending on the city of departure. The price of the bus tickets vary between 10 to 20 USD, excluding the pickup and drop to the bus stations. The tickets can be booked through your guesthouse or hotel or via tour operators.

Local transport in Thakhek

The best way to explore Thakhek is by renting a motorbike. You can also get around the town by hiring a Tuk-Tuk or renting a bicycle daily. Cabs are available too if you want to commute to faraway places more comfortably.

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FAQs on Thakhek

Who should visit Thakhek?

Thakhek is ideal for all kinds of travellers, including going solo, couples and families.

What's great about Thakhek?

Thakhek is a great place to enjoy nature from the Mekong river in a sleepy town.

What's not great about Thakhek?

Thakhek has nothing much to offer do apart from the waterfalls, caves and natural scenery. Hence it may not be a feasible idea to add it to your itinerary if you are short on time as the time required to travel is longer as well.

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