How To Reach Tioman Island

How to Reach Tioman Island

Being an island, there are only two ways to travel to Tioman Island: Airways and Waterways. Taking a flight to Tioman Airport is one of the easiest ways to reach the island. Since the airport is relatively small and only charter flights are operable, per-seat costs are high. The flights to Tioman Airport are only to and from Subang. The ideal way is to take a ferry from Mersing, Johor or Tanjung Gemok, Pahang. 

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How to reach Tioman Island by Waterways

The ideal way to travel to Tioman Island is to take a ferry from Mersing, Johor or Tanjung Gemok, Pahang. You can take a flight to Senai International Airport and then travel to Mersing or take a flight to Kuantan Airport and then travel to Tanjung Gemok. Ferries are available from both of these towns and you can spot many tourists waiting for the ferries to Tioman Island beside the ports. Ferries charge RM 45 for an adult and RM 40 for a child one way. It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to cover one-way distance.

From Mersing, the ferry usually stops at several jetties or locally referred to as “kampong” including Genting Kampong, Paya Kampong, Tekek Kampong, Air Batang Kampong, Panuba Jetty, and Kampong Salang. Well established ferry operators include Blue Water Express and Cata Ferry. The ferries run from both the places at different intervals starting from 5 AM till 7 PM.

There are usually 3 ferries per day from Mersing and Tanjung Gemok to Tioman while 2 ferries on an average from Tioman to Mersing and Tanjung Gemok each. The timings are uncertain as tides affect the timings of the ferries. While visiting Tioman Island by waterways, always book a ferry in advance as most of the tickets sell out quickly especially during the peak tourist season. Morning ferries are usually light and on time while afternoon ferries are the busiest and the last ferry is usually overcrowded.

Local transport in Tioman Island

The roadways are not very well developed at Tioman Island. There is only one well constructed 800m road. Bikes and Cars are available to cover up this small distance. Jeeps are also available to travel from village to village. However, the tourists only need the car when they have to travel from the port to the main area. Other than that, walking around the island while discovering finer elements of nature is convenient. 

Boats are suitable to travel from one village to another village. The charges are high but negotiable. Boat services charge higher rates at night, so travelling during the day is preferred. Despite the higher charges, boat travelling is cheaper than roadways. Most hotels in Tioman arrange for boat charter and it is not an inconvenience. Taxis from Tekek to Juara charge an approximate fare of RM 70. Sea-Taxi fares from Tekek to other places is as follows:

Salang - RM35
Paya Beach - RM 35
Nipah - RM 20
Genting  - RM 50
Panuba - RM 25
Mukut - RM 150

Tioman Island Photos

Tioman Island
Coral Island, Tioman Island
The stunning beach of Tioman Island
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