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Tags : National Park

Time Required : April - November

Entry Fee : Indian Visitors - INR 10
Foreign Visitors - INR 100

Timings : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Date : 1986

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Salim Ali National Park, Srinagar Overview

Located in Srinagar, Salim Ali National Park is a national park housing beautiful mangrove shrubbery habitat for several endangered animals and birds alike. Officially named in commemoration of ornithologist Salim Ali in 1986, this national park is spread across an expanse of 9 km.

Initially known as the City Forest National Park, this space was further modified into the Royal Springs Golf Course between 1998 and 2001. This was carried out by the Chief Minister of the time, Farooq Abdullah. The Salim Ali National Park is among the three national parks of Jammu and Kashmir; the Dachigam National Park and Kishtwar National Park. There are a handful of stay options closeby as well. 

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History of Salim Ali National Park

Salim Ali National Park was named after Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali who was an Indian ornithologist and naturist. He was often referred to as the 'Birdman of India'  as he was one of the first Indians to study birds and conduct comprehensive surveys on them further writing on them and popularising ornithology in India. It is also known as City Forest National Park and was opened in 1986. Between 1998 - 2001, the park was turned into a golf course by the then Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, called the Royal Springs Golf Course, Srinagar.

The gate of the bird trail

Flora and Fauna at Salim Ali National Park

It covers an area of 9.07 km² making it a suitable size fit for a variety of animals and birds. The entire park has gorgeous mangrove shrubbery that is the home for over 70 species of birds. What makes the park truly unique and a must-visit spot for tourists is the variety of endangered animals that inhabit it. The park houses animals such as the musk deer, hangul, Kashmiri stag, flying fox, leopard, Himalayan black bear, among others; it houses species of birds such as ring dove, Bengal florican, the Lesser Kestrel, swamp francolin, grey-headed fish eagle, kingfisher, eastern imperial eagle only to name a few. Tourists seem to enjoy this spot for  it has a year-round cold climate too.

Salim Ali National Park

How To Reach There

The roads are well connected to the nearest airport as well as the nearest railway station; both are 80 km away from the park. If one opts to travel by road, there are many opportunities to do so since there are governmental and private transport services that cater to those who want to take this road trip. The well-connected roads make the road trip to the park comfortable for any means of transport, may it be rail or by air or by road. Apart from the park, there are plenty of other attractions that are hubs for tourists. Only a short drive away from the park is a favourite picnic spot for families. Also, the Bhoothathankettu and Idamalayar dams are frequented by tourists.

Other Attractions at Salim Ali National Park

Apart from the major attraction being the endangered bird and animal species well-preserved here, there are many other activities available for visitors. A short drive away is a picnic spot and children's park for families which seems to be a hit amongst tourists. The close-by dams Bhoothathankettu and Idamalayar are also popular destinations one covers on this trip. Another is the Animal Rehab Centre dedicated to taking care of wounded or stay animals. There is also a deer Park and taxidermy museum in the park's vicinity. Children are bound to have a good time here as well as a learning experience first-hand seeing the various animals.

The park provides tourists with a unique opportunity to experience nature's best in a space with species mostly unavailable in any other place. The several family-friendly activities available such as picnic spots, children's parks, a taxidermy museum, and an animal rehabilitation centre make it an attractive spot for families with children. Tourists can be with nature in a unique way which may encourage them to take care of it better. The undeniable attraction the Salim Ali National Park contains is what makes it a must-see destination in your itinerary.

Birds at the park

Salim Ali National Park is undoubtedly a beautiful and mesmerising experience through the journey of nature and her aviary children. It makes for not only an unforgettable trip for those whose interests are piqued but also an educational trip for children. The other attractions such as the taxidermy museum and the rehab centre educate children on the various ways animals are treated, and how animals may be preserved after their demise. Thus, it serves as an enriching trip for all ages alike.

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