Siem Reap River, Siem Reap Overview

The Siem Reap River flows through Siem Reap Province, in Cambodia. It is a part of the Mekong River, the largest river in Asia that passes through many countries flowing through cities and towns. Depending on where they are travelling, tourists can experience the river and its activities. If exploring Siem Reap beyond temples is your idea, a short getaway to the river is one of the must-do things to experience rich nature consisting of dense forests and wildlife.

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Siem Reap River Tours

Many small communities thrive on the banks of Siem Reap river secluded from the main towns. There are tours available for tourists that take you to these fishing villages nestling amidst beautiful landscapes rich in local flora and fauna. Tourists can also spot a wide variety of birds, fishes, turtles and animals.

Boat tours are starting from various points along Siem Reap river. The popular one is the tour passing through Tonle Sap, a UNESCO heritage listed biosphere home to endangered wildlife and ecosystem. There are 1 to 2-hour boat tours in Siem Reap river to experience nature. Sunset tours are popular among tourists looking for short, pleasant weather getaways. The boats accommodate between 6 to 8 people.

Cost: 20 to 50 USD

Type of Boats: Slow boats, cruise and speed boats

Slow boats to other cities

You can travel by speedboats, cruises and ferries to neighbouring towns from Siem Reap river. The fantastic journeys through the Cambodian landscape is a unique experience for tourists and are highly recommended if you prefer travelling slowly.

Siem Reap River activities

You can swim, kayak, or go paddleboarding in the river depending on the season. Restaurants, cafes and bars lined up along the river offer perfect to dine and drink options for tourists to enjoy the landscapes.

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