What is the best time to visit Shivpuri?

Shivpuri is accessible to tourists throughout the year but the best time to visit Shivpuri is from October - March. During summers, the temperature soars up to an excruciating 40 degrees Celcius and travelling throughout the city during such a time will not be favourable. The winters in Shivpuri are quite pleasant and the average temperature remains at around 11 degrees Celcius which is just about perfect for travelling and experiencing the city in all its glory. Shivpuri experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season which makes it uncomfortable for tourists to go outdoors.

Weather in Shivpuri


Upcoming Shivpuri Weather

Monthly Weather in Shivpuri

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 21°/ 9° 3 days
February 27°/ 11° 1 days
March 30°/ 16° 4 days
April 36°/ 21° 0 days
May 40°/ 25° 0 days
June 39°/ 27° 9 days
July 32°/ 24° 18 days
August 29°/ 23° 29 days
September 29°/ 22° 26 days
October 30°/ 19° 4 days
November 29°/ 17° 3 days
December 23°/ 9° 1 days

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Shivpuri in Winter (December - February)

Winters months, December to February are cool and dry. The temperature drops up to 11 degrees Celcius and is very pleasant. It is the best time visit Shivpuri.

Shivpuri in Monsoon (July - October)

Monsoon stretches from July to October bringing humidity along with heavy rainfall. It gets very uncomfortable to go out in the city and is not recommended for tourism.

Shivpuri in Summer (April - June)

Summertime breaks during the months of April to June bringing the hot and dry weather. The temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celcius which make it unbearable to go out for sightseeing.

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