Food of Seoul

Food in Seoul is of a good variety. There are loads of street food joints, as well as all the international fast food joints like McDonald's, Domino's and so on. The local dishes themselves are of many types, from seafood to all sorts of poultry, rice, soup, noodles and so on. Some of the popular local dishes you should try are Memil Mundu (a stuffed dumpling with a buckwheat covering), Tteok (rice cakes, of which there are many types), Saengchi Mandu (a dumpling stuffed with pheasant meat) and Galbijjim (short ribs), among many, many others!

Food for Indians in Seoul

Some popular Indian restaurants in Seoul include Jyoti Restaurant (Nogosan-dong), Everest (Changsin-dong) and Bombay Grill (Yongsan-gu). Options for pure vegetarian restaurants in Seoul are not many. However, Jyoti restaurant will cater to your needs if you are seeking Jain food.

Seoul Photos

Seoul, South-Korea
Seoul City Hall
Gangnam Commercial Area

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