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Food of Satna

Satna's food is as culturally and historically appealing as the city itself is. Satna lies in the eastern Madhya Pradesh and borders Uttar Pradesh; the latter and neighbouring Chattisgarh largely influences its cuisine. With a hint of Bihar's cuisine as well, the conglomeration of cuisines has made the food scene in Satna one of a kind. Few of the famous dishes belonging to the city are:
1. Litti
Litti is a fast food item prepared from fried wheat balls and a different stuffing called 'pitthi' which is a mix of herbs and spices. This fast food dish has a smokey and earthy taste and is originally from Bihar.

2. Moth Dal
Moth dal is a local namkeen made up of pulses and lentils, which are then roasted and fried. The main ingredient present in this dish is Dew beans, more commonly known as Moth. The namkeen is a local favourite and is served along with tea in evenings.

3. Mango Pickle
India is known for producing the best pickles, and Madhya Pradesh is the backbone as this is the region where most of the pickle industries are set up. Mango pickle in Satna is consumed with every other Indian meal. It is prepared with raw mangoes and a wide variety of spices.

4. Dahi Bhalla
A famous dish in the whole of the north, Dahi Bhalla is everybody's favourite street snack consisting of a mixture of pulses and deeply fried lentils. It is marinated in curd and then spiced up with charoli and cumin seeds. It is a comfort food best-served cold topped with various chutneys ? a treat for the taste buds.

5. Almond Milk
Almond Milk is a refreshing and healthy drink famous in this region. It is prepared with mixing crushed almonds and lots of sugar into cold milk.

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