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1. Sharadha Devi Temple

Sharadha Devi Temple

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places to visit in Satna

The Maa Sharadha Devi Temple located in Maihar in Satna is another popular religious site. The temple is situated atop the Trikoota Hill, and around 1063 steps lead to the temple shrine on top. A ropeway has been designed for pilgrims who are unable to make the climb. Maihar also has its history and legend. It is believed that Lord Shiva while carrying the body of the dead goddess mother Sati, dropped her necklace or ‘har’ here, giving the place its name Maihar.

2. Venkatesh Temple

Venkatesh Temple

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places to visit in Satna

Located near Mukhtyarganj, the Venkatesh Temple was built in 1876. Made of red stone and reflected in ripples on the waters of the pond it exudes a tremendous sense of peace and calm. Developed based on the design of the south Indian temples, it is said that it took about 49 years to make the temple where the workers came from southern India. The religious events led here include the Guru Purnima, the Jhulan Festival, Narasimha Chaturdashi, Janmashtami, Ramnavmi, Sharad Purnima and more. Founded by Randaman Singh this temple is also one of the oldest in the Vindhya region.

3. Ramvan


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places to visit in Satna

Situated on the Rewa road, Ramvan is the abode of ancient remains of temples. One of the main temples is the Hanuman Mandir. Ramvan is for both the young and old. The lush greenery is inviting for kids, and the spiritual element puts one instantly at ease. The atmosphere is calming, and the well-maintained gardens and premises make it one of the most visited sites of Satna. The Tulsi Museum at Ramvan is the sculptures from the ancient temples are preserved. They give a peak into the artistry and devotion of the earlier generations.

4. Bharhut Stupa

Bharhut Stupa

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places to visit in Satna

Located in the village of Bharhut in the Satna district are the relics of the famous Bharhut Stupa. A site revered by Buddhists the Bharhut Stupa was built by Ashoka the Great. The Stupa represents some of the earliest arts and sculptures of Buddhist history and beliefs. The Buddha is represented through common symbols such as the Bodhi Tree, footprints, empty seat, Dharma Wheel etc. Though Ashoka built the Stupa, many works such as the gateway and railings were added by the Shunga dynasty.

5. Jagatdev Talab

Jagatdev Talab

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places to visit in Satna

Jagatdev Talab or Jagat Dev Lake is a human-made reservoir in Satna. The famous Shiv Temple lies at the banks of the lake and is visited often by devotees. Some other places of worship in Satna are the Pashupati Nath Mandir, Shri Raghuvir Mandir, Dali Baba, the 450-year-old Satyanarayan Temple, Ram Janki Temple, Hanuman Ji Ka Mandir near Jaitwar in Bamhori, Dhawari’s Sai Baba Temple and more.

6. Madhavgarh Fort

Madhavgarh Fort

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places to visit in Satna

Besides the various religious sites in Satna, Madhavgarh Fort is a historical structure built about 400 years ago. Madho Singh Ji built the fort which was converted in the year 2000 into a heritage hotel by Thakur Bhawani Singh Ji. The fort is best remembered for the battle of Marathas in 1787. It stands above the Tunga battlefield as well as a Rajasthani village which is home to many local artisans and handicrafts. Within the fort lies the Pratap Mahal suite, the room in which Maharaja Pratap Singh resided as well as the Deodhi Phoola Mahal. The fort once was the centre of the Rewa state. The shape of the fort along with the beautiful arts on the domes and interiors make it worth a visit from a purely historical and architectural point of view.

7. Pannilal Chowk

Pannilal Chowk

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places to visit in Satna

One of the busiest areas of the city, the Pannilal Chowk is the heart of Satna. Reverberating with a buzz of the constant crowd, shopping outlets and lip-smacking street food, the Pannilal Chowk is what the main centre of any bustling town looks like. Lined with shops selling all sorts of wares and products it is a delight for tourists and locals who want to buy souvenirs, garments or just about anything. For the tourist especially Pannilal Chowk gives the feel of the city on the ground.

8. Maihar Ropeway

Maihar Ropeway

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places to visit in Satna

Maihar is a small town in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh in India which is basically known for the Maa Sharda Temple. The revered Hindu temple is perched atop the Trikuta Hill and is an important pilgrimage spot of the Hindus. Not only this, the temple experiences a large footfall of tourists as well. Since the temple is situated on top of a hillock, some of the devotees (especially the elderly people) face a lot of difficulty climbing up and reaching the destination. So the ropeway was introduced for the convenience of the pilgrims.

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What are the top sightseeing places in Satna?

The top sightseeing places in Satna are Sharadha Devi Temple, Venkatesh Temple, Ramvan, Bharhut Stupa, Jagatdev Talab, Madhavgarh Fort.
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