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Satna Tourism

Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Satna is known for being one of the largest cement producing city in the world due to the plenty of limestone and dolomite deposits housed in the town. In addition to this, the city is also famous for housing various religious sites.

Chitrakoot Dham, Sharadha Devi Temple, Dhawari's Sai Baba Temple, Rawatpura Ashram, Venkatesh Temple, and more. Satna also offers few historical sites to explore such as the Madhavgarh Fort, Gidhakoot, and Jagatdev Talab. For those who want great deals on locally handcrafted goods, Pannilal Chowk in Satna is the place to be at if you are looking for some street shopping choices at a bargain.

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Hindi is widely spoken in Satna as it is the official language of the state. However, English, Punjabi, and Sindhi are other common languages spoken in the city. The unique Bagheli dialect is also common amongst the local population.


The Satna District comes under Bagelkhand, most of which was ruled by Rewa. Feudatory chiefs under the British Raj controlled a small part of Satna as well. Satna got its name from a river with the same name, which originated in the Panna district. Mythologically, Lord Rama in the Ramayana Era stayed in Chitrakoot, some parts of which are now located on the outskirts of Satna. Many British officers (including Sir Donald Robertson and Col. DWK Barr) supervised grand construction plans in Satna during the British Raj – from 1882 to 1894 – under the Baghelkhand Agency.


Satna is famous for its captivating religious tourism spots, Maihar and Chitrakoot being the most important ones. Another key place which shapes the district's culture is Bharhut – rich with several archaeological remains now displayed in museums all across India and all over the globe. Apart from its beautiful temples, Satna is also famous for its breathtaking natural beauty. Check that out for yourself at Madhavgarh Fort – an underrated and unpopular fort which offers spectacular views, named after king Madhav Singh.

You can also visit the Tulsi Museum to take a trip down the history lane, located about 16 km away from the city. The construction of some temples in Satna date back to centuries ago. Venkatesh Mandir, a temple near Mukhtyarganj was constructed in the late 1800s by the monarchs of Deorajnagar. Shri Bihari Mandir, located at Satna's core was built by the devotees themselves in the 1880s. The temple is known for hosting various events all year round, especially renowned is their production of the Ramleela. Another ancient place to worship is Dali Baba, constructed in the year 1857. The district also houses several Jain temples, one of which dates back to the 16th century.

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FAQs on Satna

What is the best time to visit Satna?

The best time to visit Satna is from October to March which is during the winter season when the weather is pleasant. The cold weather also allows engaging in outdoor activities. During this time, the temperature varies between 18 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees Celsius, contrary to the hot temperatures (rising to 40 degrees C) in summers. Thus, it will be best to avoid visiting Satna in the summer months, especially from May till the monsoon season ends in September.
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What is the local food in Satna?

Satna's food is as culturally and historically appealing as the city itself is. Satna lies in the eastern Madhya Pradesh and borders Uttar Pradesh; the latter and neighbouring Chattisgarh largely influences its cuisine. With a hint of Bihar's cuisine as well, the conglomeration of cuisines has made the food scene in Satna one of a kind. Few of the famous dishes belonging to the city are:
1. Litti
Litti is a fast food item prepared from fried wheat balls and a different stuffing called 'pitthi' which is a mix of herbs and spices. This fast food dish has a smokey and earthy taste and is originally from Bihar.

2. Moth Dal
Moth dal is a local namkeen made up of pulses and lentils, which are then roasted and fried. The main ingredient present in this dish is Dew beans, more commonly known as Moth. The namkeen is a local favourite and is served along with tea in evenings.

3. Mango Pickle
India is known for producing the best pickles, and Madhya Pradesh is the backbone as this is the region where most of the pickle industries are set up. Mango pickle in Satna is consumed with every other Indian meal. It is prepared with raw mangoes and a wide variety of spices.

4. Dahi Bhalla
A famous dish in the whole of the north, Dahi Bhalla is everybody's favourite street snack consisting of a mixture of pulses and deeply fried lentils. It is marinated in curd and then spiced up with charoli and cumin seeds. It is a comfort food best-served cold topped with various chutneys — a treat for the taste buds.

5. Almond Milk
Almond Milk is a refreshing and healthy drink famous in this region. It is prepared with mixing crushed almonds and lots of sugar into cold milk.

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What is the best way to reach Satna?

Satna has its own airport and is well connected to Varanasi. Jabalpur Airport is the closest airport that is well-connected to major Indian cities. Pre-paid taxis can be availed from the airport to take you to Satna. Khajuraho airport is another alternative which is also fairly well-connected to major Indian cities like Delhi and Agra. 
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What are the things to do in Satna?

The top things to do in Satna are Sharadha Devi Temple, Venkatesh Temple, Ramvan, Bharhut Stupa, Jagatdev Talab, Madhavgarh Fort. You can see all the places to visit in Satna here

What are the places near Satna?

The top places near to Satna are Chitrakoot which is 64 km from Satna, Panna which is located 67 km from Satna, Khajuraho which is located 95 km from Satna, Bandhavgarh national park which is located 104 km from Satna, Varanasi which is located 230 km from Satna

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