How To Reach Satna

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How to Reach Satna

Satna has its own airport and is well connected to Varanasi. Jabalpur Airport is the closest airport that is well-connected to major Indian cities. Pre-paid taxis can be availed from the airport to take you to Satna. Khajuraho airport is another alternative which is also fairly well-connected to major Indian cities like Delhi and Agra. 

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How to reach Satna by flight

Satna does have an airport, but it is not as well connected as the one in Jabalpur (200 km). Still, there are flights to and from Varanasi and Lucknow. Jabalpur, on the other hand, is very well connected with all metropolises and other cities as well.

How to reach Satna by train

Satna's railway station lies in the Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai route, connecting almost all major cities and towns. Thus, travelling to Satna by train won't be a hassle.

How to reach Satna by bus

Travelling to Satna by bus might look like a gruelling task, but it is a convenient option. You can get a bus from major cities in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra operated by Madhya Pradesh State Transport Corporation. There are several private bus options in addition to the government ones. You can choose from a sleeper, AC, and non AC buses, depending on your budget.

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