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Raub Tourism

Raub is one of the oldest towns located in Pahang, Malaysia. It is located 110 km from Kuala Lumpur and 265 km from Kuantan (Pahang's capital city). Raub is packed with colonial charm and remnants of meticulously architectural British Buildings. The prime attraction of this place is Jeram Besu’s white water rafting which is gaining popularity as one of the best white-water rafting and kayaking spots in Malaysia.

Raub is known for its gold mines which is evident from the colonial buildings dotted across the town. Lata Jarum Waterfalls in Raub are a perfect spot for family outings offering a small trek in the forest reaching the cascading waterfalls while you can hear the forest creatures. Pulau Chekas is an ideal place for a recreational weekend. It stands as an island when the river gets divided into two loaded with slides for kids and relaxing activities for adults. It is also a home to Fraser’s Hill which is well-known for its extensive birdlife and deserves a visit. One can also plan a visit to Lata Lembik Recreational Park for adventurous and exciting activities.

Things to do in Raub

1. Jeram Besu

Jeram Besu
Famous for its white water river rafting, the Jeram Basu river is located in Pahang state, which is a three hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. The river side offers campsites and team building activities f (Read More)or schools or corporate excursions along with plenty of other thrilling activities like fox flying, jungle trekking, caving etc. You can visit the charming towns close by or take a trip to the Kuala Gandah Elephant sanctuary. 

2. Lata Jarum

Lata Jarum
Lata Jarum is a traveller-friendly forest located close to the village of Dong. It is a spectacular waterfall that avalanches the rocks and forms an unstained pool in a pristine river. It is a po (Read More)pular attraction among tourists to hike the trails and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can find bridges built to get across small water streams and chalets inside this forest park. The toilets are close to the ranger’s office.  

3. Lata Lembik Waterfalls

Lata Lembik Waterfalls
Located in the Raub district of Pahang, the stunning recreational park of Lata Lembik is home to the popular magnificent waterfalls of the same name that have pristine blue waters. It offers several a (Read More)dventure and water sports like white water rafting, jungle trekking, etc. You can relax and take a swim in the pool that forms at the base of the waterfall. 

4. Taman Tasik Raub

Taman Tasik Raub
Taman Tasik Raub, also known as Raub Lake Park, is a gorgeous lake park located on the outskirts of the town of Raub, Pahang. The lake is surrounded by lush green landscapes and open spaces to relax, (Read More)enjoy a day picnic or go fishing. Rental boats are available on site to go around the lake sightseeing and soaking in the glorious nature and calm waters. 

5. Jeriau Waterfall

Jeriau Waterfall
Jeriau Waterfall is located close to the landmark hotel of Ye Olde Smokehouse. It is a 15 minute short steep trek through the jungle along a water stream to get to the gigantic falls. The waterfall ca (Read More)scades and forms a pool at its base allowing visitors to go for a dip and relax in the surrounding nature. The place has clean toilets and changing rooms along with some BBQ pits to enjoy an outdoor BBQ picnic. You will find some dogs along the way and plenty alluring butterflies at the spot. 

6. Tras Road Chinese Temple

Tras Road Chinese Temple
The Chinese Temple on the Raub-Bentong road is a Guan Yin Tang temple often visited by tourists driving by Tras road. The large red structure of this temple has the 12 Chinese zodiacs along with a bea (Read More)utiful play area for children and a fish pond with some statues and figures. The garden area is very windy and well-designed to blend in with the temple building. It frequently hosts community events and is therefore often visited by locals. You can find souvenirs, shops and some food stalls nearby. 

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Need to Know

  • There are a few hotels in Raub and a very few provide WiFi. It is suggested that portable dongles be taken for internet services. 
  • Though the visit to Jarum Waterfall is free, there are charges on entry for Pulau Chekas and other recreational parks.
  • Cash is the preferred form of exchange. There are rarely any ATMs and most of the restaurants and parks take payment in cash only.

History of Raub

Raub is historically a gold-mine settlement which was explored in the 18th century and is one of the oldest towns of Pahang, Malaysia. It is believed that the miners found a handful of gold in every tray of sand they dug. The word Raub literally means Scoop in Malay and the town was, thus, named Raub due to its richness in Gold. The famous Sungai Ruan village which was the “Black Zone of the Communist Party” is also located in Raub District. During the Colonial period, it was a major district for the production of rubber and tin.

Best Time to Visit Raub

How to Reach Raub

How to Reach Overview

Being located at Federal Route 8, Raub is accessible through the road. If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Lumpur-Karak Expressway is ideal with an interchange at Bentong East. It is about 90 kms and takes about two hours. Since Federal Route 8 passes through Raub, you can also travel from Kota Bharu. East-Coast Expressway also joins Kuantan to Raub through Lanchang-Raub Road.

Bus are operable from various cities and towns including Kuala Lips, Fraser’s Hill, Bentong and Jerantut. Since the nearest airport is Kuala Lumpur, direct buses and taxis are available to Raub. Buses are a cheaper option while Taxi gives you the comfort of taking breaks when you like.

Local transport in Raub

Taxis, buses and car rentals are the major means to get around Raub city. Buses are the cheapest way to travel but do not connect all tourist spots. Hiring a taxi is preferable as it can cover several tourist spots according to the demand. Car rentals are also available if you want to self-drive and engage with finer elements of nature. 

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Taman Tasik Raub, also known as Raub Lake Park
Jeriau Waterfall

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