Perdana Putra, Putrajaya Overview

Perdana Putra is the office complex of the Prime Minister of Malaysia located on top of the main hillock of Putrajaya. It stands proudly as a symbol of prosperity, growth, harmony and rich heritage of the nation.

This beautifully planned complex houses various sections of the government like the Prime Minister’s office, Deputy Prime Minister’s office, Small Meeting Hall, Large Meeting Hall, View Point, VIP room plus banquet hall, Delegation room, National Security as well as the National Economic cabinet.

The magnificent exterior of Perdana Putra truly matches up with the grandiose of its interior. With multiple guided tours and interactive sessions, the visitors get to know more about the workings of the government and realize its ideals.

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Architecture and Interior of Perdana Putra

  • The design and structure of Perdana Putra has been heavily influenced by the traditional Malay, Muslim and European architectural styles. Strategically built 50 meters above the ground level atop the main hillock, it proudly stands as a symbol of the country’s dynamism and prosperity.
  • The structure incorporates many Islamic-Moghul patterns and textures.
  • While the Prime Minister’s office emanates the strength, symmetry and stability of the government, the brown and green shades of the building fusing with each other depict the harmony and rich diversity of the nation.
  • The onion shaped main dome which is glazed with green mosaic tiles and surrounded by four smaller domes to celebrating the country’s Islamic influence, the stone water jet carvings and the wrought iron pillars combine together to convey the strong beliefs, rich history and just nature of the nation.
Perdana Putra
A panoramic front view of the layout of Perdana Putra (Source)

How to Reach Perdana Putra

Perdana Putra is located right in the heart of the city which is very well connected to all the public transit services and road routes.

Bus: Taking the public bus is an economic and a convenient means to reach the destination. There are numerous buses starting from Putrajaya Sentral which will drop you off at the bus stop nearest to the Prime Minister’s office which is about 3 minutes walking distance from there. The bus ride should cost no more than RM 1. Bus lines 522, KJ04, L10, L15 depart from Putrajaya Sentral every 10 minutes.

Taxi: Although the cab rides are quite comfortable, they won’t be as economic as the public transit. The cab ride should cost around RM 15 if you get into one from any place within the Sentral region.

Train: Taking a train is another good option. It is both a time effective as well as economic and convenient means. The Interior Ministry station is about 4 minutes walking distance from Perdana Putra. The other stations close to the destination are the Parcel D Government Complex station which is 2 minutes walking distance and the Parcel E Government Station which is 6 minutes walking distance.

Car: You can also opt to drive all the way up to Perdana Putra in hired or personal cars as the roads are pretty smooth and well connected. However, parking slots are not situated around the complex, but are placed after a certain marked circumference from the premise boundary.

Dress Code

Visitors are expected to be dressed up appropriately for the trip. Round necked t-shirts, shorts, short skirts, singlets, revealing or any form of skimpy clothing, slippers, sandals are not acceptable inside Perdana Putra.

Men are advised to dress up in a casual formal manner and wear collared shirts, long pants and closed shoes

Need to Know

  • Carrying bags, video cameras or any other form of recording devices inside the Prime Minister’s Personal Office is prohibited.
  • Malaysians are expected to produce any one form of identity proof while entering Perdana Puta and the non-Malaysians are expected to produce their passports.
  • The Prime Minister’s Office is disabled friendly and has special centers for the pregnant and nursing women.

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