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The Putrajaya Bridge, popularly known as the Putra Bridge, is the main city bridge located in Presint 2 in Putrajaya. It is the longest bridge in Putrajaya with a total length of 435 meters connecting the Heritage Square to the Convention Center.

This two tiered bridge has been built in such a way that the upper deck forms the roadway and the lower deck forms a path for the monorail system. Inspired by the Iranian architectural style, Putra Bridge also have two octagonal viewing pavilions attached to it which house a few of the most renowned fine dining restaurants.

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Architecture of Putra Bridge

The most prominent feature of this bridge is its arched base structure and the beautifully designed pillars inspired by the traditional Iranian architecture of the Khaju Bridge in Isfahan.

The Putrajaya Bridge has eight magnificent octagonal viewing pavilions built in such a way that it overlooks the calm waters of Putrajaya Lake. The bridge has two piers with the upper pier serving as a roadway for the various vehicles and pedestrians and the lower pier housing the monorail tracks. 

Putra Bridge
The highly inspired structure of the Putrajaya Bridge (Source)

How to Reach Putra Bridge

Taking a bus to reach Putrajaya Bridge is the best and the most economic means to commute.
  • The Parkmay Citiliner Bus number 868 which starts from Sinar Kota and ends at Putrajaya takes about an hour to complete the one way trip and departs after every 20 minutes from the starting terminal- Sinar Kota.
  • The Sepang Omnibus number 536B which starts from Sepang and goes up to Putrajaya departs from Sepang after every 3 hours.
  • The Kelang - Banting Bus number 131 which departs from the starting terminal after every 2 hours runs between Kelang and Putrajaya.
  • The Sum Omnibus number 186 which runs between the Kajang Terminal and Putrajaya departs from Kajang after every 1 to 2 hours.
The most convenient way to reach Putrajaya Bridge is to hire a cab.

The third option is to hop onto a train on the Express Rail Link (ERL). The trains at the ERL start from KL Sentral and end at KLIA with Putrajaya being one of the stations on the line where you can hop off. During the peak hours, the trains run at a frequency of every 30 minutes and during the off peak hours, the frequency of the trains reduce down to 1 hour.

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