Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta: A Colourful Carnival in the Sky

If there's one thing that's unmissable in the administrative capital of Malaysia, it is the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta! A stunning sight for sore eyes- one can either be a part of the festival by getting atop one of the eclectic balloons or be a spectator of the prismatic skies of Putrajaya. 

Religiously hosted every year, this beautiful festival is indeed one of the most enchanting festivals of Malaysia. As the colourful rhapsody enlivens the sky, the city comes together in open spaces to rejoice and revel in the harlequin of jumbo balloons. At night, while you see the balloons blazing in the sky, it ignites a spark of happiness in every citizen. 

Let's get to know all about the MyBalloonFiesta in Putrajaya! 

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Date

The four-day annual fiesta is usually scheduled in the month of March in Putrajaya.  

Experiences at the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 

1. Get atop the Balloon 

A clown shaped balloon at Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival
Take your feet off the ground and head straight to the sky! The best thing to do is to hit-up the basket and take an aerial view of the city. Trust us when we say this, 60ft above the ground sounds adventurous but is absolutely safe and exhilarating. Previously,  balloons were designed around Darth Vader’s head, a cat, Doraemon, a clown, a pink elephant’s head and many such eclectic characters. It would be fun to ride in one, won't it? 

2. Experience a Field Launch 

While some may be too excited to hit-up the balloon, there are some who are intrigued by the process of inflation, launching and take-off of the balloon. This could be a real experience in itself. All you need to do is arrive early and see the pilot set up! 
Morning session - Daily between 7 AM to 8 AM
Evening session - Thursday & Friday between 6 PM to 7 PM ( as per previous year itinerary) 

3. Sport the Activities 

Hot air balloons in Putrajaya
The fiesta is not restricted to hot air balloons! Activities that channelise the energy of both kids and adults are lined up here. From rolling in a tunnel to even taking a boat ride, there are many such activities that hail the location to add to the merrymaking. 

4. Revel in the Fireworks & Night Glow Show 

As the balloons rise to the occasion and symphonies in the backdrop, fireworks brace the sky to add to the glory of the evening. This is particularly an affair hosted in the dark. Take your loved ones and enjoy the celebration in the presence of crackers and gratification! 

5. Attend a Workshop 

Yes, that's right! Undertake an edutainment experience or an art attack at the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon fiesta. You can indulge in a fluid art workshop, silk screening, learn acrylic painting and what not! The list will leave you spoilt for choice! Just register, pay and learn at the festival. 

6. Luxuriate in a Cultural Bonanza 

A hot air balloon at Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
Catch hold of an empty bean bag and get your best seats to the performances. Have a little picnic with your family or just enjoy the Indonesian culture being showcased via many cultural acts. While Putrajaya is soaked in celebrating its annual tradition, engaging in cultural experiences would certainly add to the exuberance. 

Malaysia takes great pride in the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and it surely grabs the eyes of the world with its oh-so-amazing pictures! Next time you're in Malaysia during March, make it a point to head to Putrajaya to revel in this gala of gaiety! 

Please Note: Look up the annual dates, location and activities of the year before heading for the festival. 

Have you attended the festival? Let us know your fondest memories of it in the comments below!

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