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A beautiful island out in the South Pacific Ocean, Norfolk Island is abundant with natural beauty owing to its volcanic history, rugged surfaces, pristine beaches and plentiful presence of the Norfolk pine trees. Along with a distinct culture, the island also houses rich history within its boundaries and many UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Norfolk Island National Park covers the northern part of the island. It is home to the island’s unique ecosystem, with around 40 plant species found only in this area. It is also the origin of the Norfolk Pine, one of the island’s most prominent natural features and claims to fame. The lookout on top of Mount Pitt, the highest point of the island, provides a beautiful vista of the island, along with the neighbouring Nepean Island and Phillip Island in the serene ocean. The three islands make up the Norfolk Island territory. The numerous bays around the island amplify its natural beauty. Anson Bay on the northern side of Norfolk Island is as beautiful as it is quiet, making it perfect for travellers to enjoy the surroundings in tranquillity. Emily Bay, close to the capital city Kingston, is famous for its golden sands, and colourful coral reefs and marine life. Scattered around Kingston are the various heritage buildings of the late 18th century which make up the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area. It is also the site of the only golf course in the world within a World Heritage Site.

The culture of Norfolk Island is as fascinating as it is distinct, with the residents having mixed ancestry of the European settlers as well as the Pacific Islanders who once inhabited the area. As such, the islanders have their own language and traditions, which are quite interesting to discover. The Norfolk Island Museum chronicles the extensive history of the area and the development of its unique culture.

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