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Visit film and TV locations, New York City Overview

From the Grand Central Terminal to the Central Park, the Friends Apartment Building to Times Square –there are numerous locations in New York City that are featured in TV shows and movies.

Visit Tiffany’s in Manhattan to reminisce about the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s featuring Audrey Hepburn or Sweet Home Alabama featuring Reese Witherspoon. Staten Island Ferry has been used in ferry ride scenes for Spiderman: Homecoming and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Sex and the City fans would love to visit Magnolia Bakery while a stroll in Washington Square Park lets you relive the scenes from August Rush, I Am Legend, When Harry met Sally, as well as Gilmore Girls and Glee. Hitch, Gossip Girl and The Nanny Diaries showed significant scenes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Ghostbusters and Spider-Man were filmed in the New York Public Library. King Kong’s climbing scene or the romantic meetings of An Affair To Remember were shot in the Empire State Building. 

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