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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, New York City Overview

The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, a family-friendly amusement park that has daily guests from all around New Jersey and New York has many thousands of international visitors on a monthly basis. It is definitely one of the best ways to spend time with the family if you are ever visiting Jackson, New Jersey. The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor offers its tourists dozens of rides and attractions, some of which are the towering rollercoasters and pleasant rides that are suitable for children and families.

The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor also offers a great show of live entertainment, exquisite cuisines as dining options, they are known for their incredible holiday shows and special shows such as holiday shows and Halloween specials. The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor always offers its visitors the best facilities and safety standards, to ensure that they have a great time!
Some of the that Prominent rides that The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has to offer are:
1. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom: This ride at The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has claimed to have made visitors feel as though they are on top of New Jersey, as it is more than five stories in height for the entrance of this massive three-slide ride.
Each slide in this ride has its own type of unique color and vibe around how you slide down, but nonetheless whichever color a visitor may choose, they would be in an adrenaline-rushing speed slide to the bottom through a completely covered tube slide experience.
The Bada Bang ride is a long 430ft slide that makes it look like a teal green portal because of how fast you get to slide down. The ride starts off by launching the person right into a quick corkscrew turn, which then sends the guest down a long straight descent, before finally sliding down straight into the pool as fast as you can.

2. Big Bambu and Reef Runner: The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor’s rides in this section of the park are where an entire family or a group of friends get to slide down together on a jumbo-sized raft. The ride offers its visitors between two courses the steep & slick, and curvy slides to ride down, which is hard to choose from as they are both really fun.
Reef Runner is a ride where people ride in an open-air chute, and as they soar through the slide visitors can almost reach out and touch the treetops.
Big Bambu is a completely closed off slide, so riders will be riding those slides in the darkness.
These two slides have a few things in common as they both are a massive 14-feet wide slide which makes the ride slide up the wall on each curve which is beguiling.
Whichever slide guests may pick, the entire group will be barreling down a steep 64-foot slope together into the pool for a six-story drop. This ride is sure to keep the whole family wanting more.

3. Big Wave Racer: This ride is The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor’s 1,800 feet slide which has guests riding on aerodynamically designed water sleighs. It was one of the most fun rides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor as guests can challenge their friends and family to an extremely fast race on a massive slide called the Big Wave Racer. This 4-story tall ride has several slopes that are used to have many people go down together to the finish line.

4. Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus, and Nortus: is one of the more notable attractions at the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is this four-slide ride that is inspired by Greek mythology.
This ride is a four-slide ride and each of its four brightly colored slides are named after each of the Greek gods of wind. Here tourists get the chance to climb up a 54ft tower to choose between the first slide Boreas the god of the north wind, the second slide Eurus the god of the east wind, the third slide Zephyrus the god of the west wind, and the last slide which is Nortus of the south wind
At these slides, visitors tend to feel light as air as they cut through curves at high speeds and fly over drops and become one with the wind.
Visitors at this ride at The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor get the chance to choose between an open-air slide or a fully enclosed one. At this ride, all four of the slides have different types of upper sections that will send the riders flying through the water.

Must Know Before You Visit Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Address : 1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527, United States.

Timings : Open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Entry Fee : General Admission $79.99, Under 48" $49.99, Children 2 & Under FREE.

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