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How to Reach Nelong Valley

Nelong Valley is a sensitive zone in Uttarakhand and does not have any direct road, train or flight access. The closest airport is the Dehradun International Airport. The nearby train stations are Harrawala, Dehradun and Rishikesh. Harrawala has limited connectivity by train. Once you reach any of these locations, you would have to go to Uttarkashi by road. You can reach Uttarkashi by bus or drive or hire a taxi.

Permit: Upon reaching Uttarkashi, there are various permissions that will have to be taken. You have to make a detailed application to the District Magistrate in Uttarkarshi asking for permission to enter the restricted area of Nelong Valley. If the application is accepted, you can take this order to the forest department and the local intelligence unit to get your final approval. These documents have to be taken to the Sub-divisional magistrate again for a final Permit. This whole process can take upto 3 days so it would be wise to organise it in advance.

You can drive to Nelong Valley after receiving your permit.

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Local transport in Nelong Valley

You can only travel in private SUVs or vehicles offered by the forest department. No other private vehicles are allowed here. The forest department may also recommend certain car services that are safe and reliable.

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