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Time Required : 2-3 days

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Salher Trek, Nashik Overview

The highest fort in the Sahyadri, Salher is a lesser known but extremely gorgeous trekking destination that should be a must on your bucket list.

The Fort is a place of great historical and religious importance, many tales of adventures and spiritual awakenings will keep you company on this trek. Do not miss this place, it is sure to become one of the greatest adventures you will ever have.

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The caves can accommodate up to 60 people. Places to stay are also available in Astana and other villages nearby.

Water availability

Take plenty of water along with you because the trek is tiring, especially in the summer. Although there are many water tanks, drinking water from there is not at all advisable.

Tips and Tricks

1. If planning to staying overnight, make sure to take a villager along with you. He will act as a guide and be a great help in carrying the firewood. 2. There is another peak nearby, Salute, which you should not miss. You can cover it in the same trip.

Trek Routes

This is a mountain peak that will take you closer to your spirituality and give a sense of ancient history while being a complete adventure that will spike your adrenalin and give you a rush like no other. Salher is the highest Fort in the Sahyadri range and so come prepared because this route will leave you panting and your muscles aching like no other. But the landscapes that await you when you finish this arduous task and the mind-blowing pastures and scenery will make every ache more than worth it. The most important feature of this trek is the Parshurama Temple, a place of great religious significance. There are also many caves in the region surrounding the Fort that you should make sure to explore. The Fort played a significant role in history during the reign of Shivaji Maharaja and has the focal point of many wars. There are also many Water Tanks around the Fort that you should make sure to see (but not drink from). This is a Fort that takes you back in time yet keeping the pleasures of the present around you. Missing this trek is sure to classify as a crime!

How to reach Salher Trek

  • Rail: There are no railway stations for almost 10 kms from Salher. The nearest major railway station is 80 kms away. You will have to find a train that takes you up to Manmad, which is not easy as this is not a very busy route, and then hire a jeep that will take you to Satana.

  • Road: Salher is around 340 kms from Pune, and the route to be followed for reaching this place is Pune-Sangamner-Nashik-Satana. You can find many busses from Pune that will take you up to Nashik, from there, hire a private jeep for the rest of the journey. If travelling from Mumbai, the route goes like Mumbai-Igatpuri-Nashik-Satana. It is a rather long journey, so ensure that you leave with enough time on your hands as you don't want to start the trek in the evening.

More about Salher Trek

Approx trek time : 3 to 5 hours

Availability of night trek: Available

Base Camp: Waghambe

Days required for the trek: 2 to 3 days

Difficulty level: Moderate - High; High endurance level required.

Height above sea level: 1,567 meters

Nearest Airport: Chikkalthana Airpot

Nearest Railhead: Manmad Jn Railway station (nearly 80 kms away)

Region: Sahyadris

Starting point of trek: Waghambe village

Type: Hill - Fort

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