The Sula Vineyards #TWC


The sun on the wall in this picture represents the Indian diversity of the Sula brand.

It was sunny, it was bright, it was vast and dreamy…it was the place to be & a tour to remember!

We visited Sula vineyards, Nashik, in early March this year. Unfortunately we missed the Sula Music Fest which is held every year in the month of February.  Nevertheless, I am very glad we had this quick city getaway and a break from the usual commercial spots.

Set away from the city, the vineyards sprawls like a big huge green bed of grapes. The ambience is inviting and as you enter you shift to a world that smells so fresh and fruity! We reached Nashik about early afternoon and had booked a private bungalow for accommodation that was 5-6 kms away from the vineyard.


The main attraction is the Winery tour and wine tasting. They arrange tours daily between 11.30 am to 5.30 pm except on the Dry Days; a list of the dry days is published on their website so make sure you read the list before you plan a trip.

We reached around 4 in the evening so that we could book ourselves on the tour before it gets crowded for the last tour of the day. The tour began at about 4.30 pm with this very friendly guide. He gathered the group and gave an interesting introduction on the owner of the vineyard, the history of the vineyard & most importantly a brief check on what the tour includes. He took us to the various rooms and sections where wine production takes place. I am going to save some information & not elaborate more on this as it will kill some fascinating facts that one would discover while taking the tour.

The tour ends at their tasting room where 4-6 different wines (as per the kind of tour you have paid for) are given to taste with a little brief on each. The entire tour is well defined and kept high level of enthusiasm throughout.


Mesmerising, beautiful and the spelndid view of the vast vineyard

For wine lovers, like us, who would love to have more than the tasting quantity, the tasting room extends to the balcony where you can purchase the bottle and enjoy every sip. Also try their well prepared cheese platters that go best with wines. We exactly did this and enjoyed a very splendid view of the vineyard from the balcony. The sun set was very captivating with the horizon lined with the pleasing view of the lake; we were completely mystified with the exquisite of the place.

I also enjoyed photography around the place especially of the giant bottles, artist – painted walls and purchasing some of their wine bottles from the in house shop. They came in this pretty wine bottle bags and made a perfect give-away for family and friends back home.



The vineyard houses 2 restaurants for lunch and dinner options, Little Italy for a scrumptious Italian affair and Soma to suit your Indian taste buds. Both cuisines can be thoroughly enjoyed with the best Sula wines.


For more details on the vineyard, visit

Quick facts: Nashik is about 160 kms fro Mumbai. Book a car to go around the place. Check for hotels like Ginger, IBIS. Lily Portico etc for a good stay and for a luxury stay there is The Taj group’s The Gateway Hotel Ambad. Preferably visit between November to February to avoid the summer heat and to enjoy every bit of the trip.

Other attractions: Nasik is also famous for its religious significance to Hindus. Some of the sacred old temples and Trimbakeshwar Ghat, a place to get salvation for Hindus, are interesting places.

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