How To Reach Naples

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How to Reach Naples

The Naples airport in Naples is connected via several daily flights from Rome. It isalso connected by bus and train. The average travel train is around 90 minutes by train.

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How to Reach Naples from India

Flights from India to Italy are available from nearly all the international airports of the country. Airlines such as Qatar, Etihad, Air India, Jet Airways and many other airlines provide flights to Rome. Air India operates direct flights only from New Delhi and Bombay. From Rome, you can take a train to Naples, or rent a car, both of which will take you approximately 90 minutes.

How to reach Naples by flight

Alitalia has several daily flights from Rome, which in turn is very well connected with other destinations in the world. The duration of the flight is just around one hour.

How to reach Naples by road

You can rent a car and use the A1 highway, which directly connects Rome to Naples. The travel timeis less than 2 hours but there could be traffic jams on the way.

How to reach Naples by train

On an average weekday, there are 40+ trains - but they all have different transit times. You can reserve tickets up to 60 days before your travel date from

How to reach Naples by bus

There re several bus oeprators in this sector, and they generally stop at Piazza Garibaldi or Piazza Municipio

How to reach Naples by Waterways

There are a couple of cruise ship operators such as MedMar group that offer passengers a ferry service from Rome that take you to the main port in Naples (Stazione Marittima).

Local transport in Naples

The best way to get around the city is by taxi, however, they can be quite expensive, it is best to check before hand if the taxi is licensed and is displaying the fare in the main languages, including in English. Walking can also be a great way of exploring the city, especially in the older part fo the city near the historic centre.

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