How To Reach Medellin

How to Reach Medellin

MedellÍn is served by an international and a domestic airport, two bus terminals and is well connected to neighbouring cities via highways.

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How to Reach Medellin from India

There are no direct flights to MedellÍn from India and all flights have more than one stop in between. Flights can be taken from cities such Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore to Asian cities in Abu Dhabi or Turkey and then to Bogota or Fort Lauderdale or Miami and finally to MedellÍn. Major airline carriers operating include JetBlue, Avianca, Emirates, Spirit Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

How to reach Medellin by flight

Jos_ MarÍa C„rdova International Airport located in the nearby city of Rionegor is the main airport serving MedellÍn. International non stop flights are available to North and South American capital cities. Major airlines operating through this airport include American Airlines, Latam, AeroMexico, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines. Colombia's low cost airline VivaColombia is based in MedellÍn. Domestic flights to Cali, Bogota, Cartagena and Barranquilla also operate from the airport. Taxis are available from the airport to the city, usually taking 45 minutes to reach. Airport's official bus service Aeropuerto has white and green buses running every 15 minutes to the city. There is also a small domestic airport Olaya Herrera which is active during daylight and offers non stop flights to regional destinations such as Armenia, Bogota and Bucaramanga.

How to reach Medellin by road

Connected via routes to all major cities, reaching MedellÍn in a car is a delightful experience with scenic views throughout the journey. MedellÍn is connected to the Colombian capital Bogota by Autopista MedellÍn Bogota and the journey can take upto 8 hours. If you are coming from Cali or Cartagena, you can take route 25 which connects directly to MedellÍn. There are car rental companies and renting a car is not complicated, tourists need their passport and credit card and must have an international driving permit. However, renting a car is an expensive affair once you add in fuel costs and toll taxes.

How to reach Medellin by train

There is no rail network connecting to MedellÍn.

How to reach Medellin by bus

MedellÍn has two bus terminals connecting it to other big cities in Colombia. The North terminal located near metro station Estacion Caribe has buses connecting cities north and east to MedellÍn such as Cartagena and Bogota whereas the South terminal located near airport Olaya Herrera has buses plying to south Colombian cities such as Armenia and Cali. Tickets can be booked online for few bus companies and complete information regarding buses to various destinations can be found at www.terminalesmedellÍ

How to reach Medellin by Waterways

MedellÍn cannot be reached via waterways.

Local transport in Medellin

MedellÍn has a vast multitude of conveyance options. From metro to bicycles, any one can avail any form of transport from the available options. The city has two metro lines, Line A runs from Niquia to La Estrella and Line B from San Antonio to San Javier. There are four Metrocable (a type of cable car) lines running in the city which has made getting around fairly simple. Metro also includes a network of buses and one electric street car line, all the information pertaining to metro including fares and routes can be found on the official app 'Metro de MedellÍn' available for Android and iOS. Taxis are also easily available for minimum fare of COP 4600. Various taxi apps including Uber are available avoiding you the hassle of finding your ride and negotiating fares. Buses run throughout the city and are used to get to places which are away from metro station, TuriBus is a hop on-hop off bus service for tourists, taking them to famous attractions in the city. Renting a car is also a considerable option to admire the beauty of mountains in MedellÍn. Public bicycles are also available and there are specialized tracks and lanes in few areas.

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