Merdeka Walk, Medan Overview

Situated inside Merdeka Square, the Merdeka Walk is one of the most popular and largest culinary centres in Medan. Surrounded by magnificently built Dutch occupation-era buildings, the open space of Merdeka Walk has been beautifully decorated with lights and dining arrangements under trees. Thus, during the late evening hours, the entire place gets transformed into an ambient and festive place.

Inspired by Singapore’s Alfresco Dining, eateries present at Merdeka Walk offers a diverse range of cuisines such as doughnuts, grilled seafood, fast food items, and Malaysian–style noodles. The place also serves some of the traditional delicacies of Medan such as Medan–style Durian Pancake, Medan Soup, Cap Cay or Tom Yam Soup. A popular highlight of Merdeka Walk is the tiny projector screen placed at one end where people can be seen enjoying a movie or a soccer match. Combination of food and soccer in an open–air scenario makes Merdeka Walk a good place to hang out during the trip to Medan.

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