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How to Reach Marrakech from India

The strong air network between Indian and Marrakech can land you in either place within a few hours. The most popular airlines running almost daily between the two countries are Qatar Airways, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa and Munich. There is hardly any direct flight flying from Marrakech to India but all the major cities including Mumbai and Delhi are very well connected through a wide network of different airlines.

How to reach Marrakech by flight

As soon as you reach Marrakech Menara Airport, you may take the air conditioned Airport bus to the city centre or you can also take a taxi ride directly to your hotel. Since bus fares are much cheaper and comfortable, people mostly prefer them to cabs and taxis.

How to reach Marrakech by road

With a plethora of cab operators in the city, you can not miss any attraction here. While Petit taxis are the most common as it takes you all around the city and is metred. The fare that comes in petit taxes are fairly cheap and genuine. However, you may book a grand taxi which is mostly a Mercedes giving you the luxury travel within the city.

How to reach Marrakech by train

The railways in the entire Morocco is operated by the ONCF. All the major cities like Casablanca, Tangier, and Nador are very well connected to Marrakech through railways.

How to reach Marrakech by bus

Buses are the most popular transport system to get around Marrakech. There are plenty of inter-city and intra-city buses taking you to just about any destination you want to stop at. CTM and Supratours are the most common bus operators and is quite comfortable.

Local transport in Marrakech

City buses and private buses can be found in the city. Bus stops for these are located at Downtown Marrakech. Horse-drawn carriages known as calech are also dotted around , reminding you of an era gone by. You can travel in these if youĂȘd like to. Find them waiting outside Jemma el Fnaa square. You could also travel by taxis _ petite taxi and the grand taxi. Petite taxis are metered and travel only within the city whereas grand taxis have a fixed price and can take you outside the urban areas as well.

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