Rameshwar Temple

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Timings : 4:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hrs

Entry Fee : Entry: Free,
Photography: INR 25,
Guide: INR 200-500

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Also Refered As:

Ramanathaswamy Temple

Rameshwar Temple, Malvan Overview

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Rameshwar Temple is a magnificent shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Being one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, it is a highly revered temple among the devotees. This temple consists of the longest corridor among all the Hindu temples in the country. The outer surface of the temple is covered in very delicate and intricate carvings, which surely add another dimension to the experience of this temple. An excellent example of meticulous engineering, the symmetry, and design of the temple is magnificent.

Rameshwar Temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, and the temple premises house two different Shivalingas. One of these lingams is believed to have been built by Goddess Sita herself, while the other is believed to have been brought by Lord Hanuman from the Kailash Mountain.

This temple is also well known for its strikingly long corridors, which measure a staggering 400 feet each in the east and 640 feet in the north and south. The interior of the temple has delicately designed pillars and artwork, with the resonating hymns of the priests creating an otherworldly vibe. Visit this temple for rediscovering your spiritual being.

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Legend of Rameshwar Temple

According to Ramayan, Lord Ram prayed to Lord Shiva to pardon his sin of killing a brahmin, which he committed while at war at with the Demon King Ravana in Lanka. To fulfill the same, he wanted a large Shivalingam and directed Lord Hanuman to bring him one from the Himalayas. However, Hanuman could not reach Lord Ram in time, and to facilitate Lord Ram's worship rituals, Sita built a Lingam out of the sand on the seashore. These are the two Shivalingams believed to be enshrined in the temple as well.

How To Reach Rameshwar Temple

Rameshwar Temple is well connected by a dense network of roadways all through the state of Tamil Nadu. While in Malvan, you can hire an auto rickshaw to reach the temple.

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