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Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan Overview

Located off the coast of Maharashtra, the Sindhudurg Fort is an ancient fortress occupying an islet in the Arabian Sea. This imposing construction is spread over an area of 48 acres, with its massive walls standing tall against the crashing waves of the sea. The main entrance of the fort is hidden away in such a manner that no one can identify it from the outside. The Sindhudurg Fort is a tangible example of the Maratha foresight and resourcefulness. Not only is this mighty fort a historically significant attraction, but the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape makes it a popular tourist spot. Protruding right from the midst of the mighty Arabian Sea, this fort makes up for a delightfully charming sight. Its rich historical background only adds to the experience of this place.

Built by none other than Chhatrapati Shivaji, the construction of Sindhudurg Fort utilizes the natural protection of the surrounding rocks to their advantage. With its solid walls and conspicuous gateways, this fort is a fascinating piece of history which makes it a favourite tourist spot. Perhaps one of the reasons why this magnificent fort has managed to stand the test of time would be its unique and unyielding construction style. The foundation of the mighty building was laid down in the lead, and the natural protection provided by the surrounding rocks acted as an impregnable barrier against any enemy forces. Sindhudurg Fort also has 42 bastions, which still stand tall and is surrounded by several smaller forts such as the Padmagad, Rajkot and Sarjekot Fort. A small temple dedicated to the Chhatrapati also finds a place within the bounds of the fort.

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History of Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort was initially under the command of the Maratha Empire till 1765. It was commissioned for construction by Chhattrapati Shivaji with the purpose of providing protection against the rising influence of the English, Dutch, French and Portuguese merchants, and to curb the rise of Siddis of Janjira. The construction of the same was done under the watchful eyes of Hirojee Indulkar sometime around 1664. Later on, it was overthrown by the British and was re-named, Port Augustus. It was then handed over to the Marathas, and finally, in 1792 it came under British rule, as per their treaty with the Marathas. The fort offers a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape, and you will surely feel the enigma of the stories surrounding this great fort.

Architecture of Sindhudurg Fort

The strength of Sindhudurg Fort lies in its unshakable engineering, which utilised indigenous materials to the best of their properties. The main material used to build the fort was sand that was brought from Gujarat, while the foundation of the fort was laid down in hundreds of kilograms of lead. The complex of the fort is spread over a massive area of 48 acres and has a 3-kilometre long boulevard.

The walls of the Sindhudurg Fort stand 30 feet high and 12 feet thick, making it practically impossible scale. The main entrance is impossible to detect from the outside, which was further a deterrent to any invaders. One of the most peculiar yet intriguing details of SIndhhudurg Fort is its zig-zag walls, which house a number of pillars and bastions. As many as 23 Hindu and Muslim families still inhabit the bounds of the fort and a unique painting of Chhatrapati Shivaji without his iconic moustache is safely kept here as well.

How To Reach Sindhudurg Fort

Since the fort is situated on an island, the only way to reach it is by the means of ferries which are quite easily available from the Malvan coast. The ferry takes INR 37 for a round trip and 15 minuted to reach this attraction.

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Prasannakumar Mayekar

on Sindhudurg Fort 4 years ago
Sindhudurg fort, A king of sea fort in Maharashtra built in 16th century. If you come in Malvan Tarkarli, then don't forget to visit this fort otherwise you'll miss you lot. The attractions in sindhu (Read More)durg fort 1. One and only one temple of Shri Shivaji Raje, 2. 2 Wells of Pure and sweet water even though the fort is covered with sea water by all sides. 3. Huge stones mounted to built wall in 16th without crane 4. Vision of architecture who built the fort to defeat the enemy willing to attack 5. if you move around the fort by boat you can't find the entry in. thus you can fine many more things for more details visit "link hidden"
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