Best Time To Visit Madinat Zayed

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What is the best time to visit Madinat Zayed?

The best time to visit Madinat Zayed is from November-March as the weather is quite well-suited even for warm weather travellers. It varies between 23°-28°. Also, rains are seen really less at this time of the year. Thus, these are the perfect months to enjoy the weather of Madinat Zayed. Tourism is second-best towards September-November during which Madinat Zayed faces its dry months. June-August are the rainy months and least visited amongst all. Lodging and other facilities become extremely low priced in these months.

Weather in Madinat Zayed


Upcoming Madinat Zayed Weather

Monthly Weather in Madinat Zayed

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 23°/ 17° 3 days
February 23°/ 18° 0 days
March 26°/ 20° 2 days
April 30°/ 24° 1 days
May 33°/ 27° 0 days
June 37°/ 31° 0 days
July 36°/ 32° 0 days
August 38°/ 32° 0 days
September 36°/ 30° 0 days
October 34°/ 28° 0 days
November 28°/ 23° 1 days
December 25°/ 20° 2 days

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Madinat Zayed
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