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Valvan Dam, Lonavala Overview

Lush greenery and calm surroundings make up the Valvan Dam, which is a near-perfect evening outing spot, near Lonavala in Maharashtra. The Valvan Dam is a huge water barrage that serves as the water source for the generation of electricity at the Khopoli Power Station, which is owned by Tata Power and is located at the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains. Enveloped with an altogether different kind of peace, and surrounded with scenic views on all sides, the Valvan Dam and lake are the perfect spots for nature lovers and people who seek solace. Being a very pristine, spectacular landscape, this is also an excellent place for photography enthusiasts. 

The 26.36 metres high dam runs across a total length of 1,356 metres. Built across the River Kundali which originates from the Western Ghats, the water impounded by the dam forms a magnificent artificial body of water, which is known as the Valvan Lake. What makes the Valvan Lake an optimal place to visit in the evenings is the pretty garden that is situated at its base. The lush green garden makes a perfect spot for locals and tourists to gather for picnics. It would be in no way an overstatement to say that the Valvan Dam is renowned only for its unique architecture and high utility. The alluring gardens and beauty that surround the dam add to the value of this prestigious dam, and ensure that the place is crowded with visitors all year round. 

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The Valvan Dam is indeed an enormous and majestic dam, that is of immense utility and provides water supply to the residents of Lonavala, Khandala and neighbouring villages. With a height of 26.36 metres and length of 1,356 metres, the dam has a total volume content of 182,000 m3, while its gross storage capacity is 72,500,000.00 m3.

There really is not much to do when you are at the Valvan Dam. The place is a simple and humble one that offers no exciting activities; instead, it intrigues visitors with its charming beauty and picturesque views. The best way to enjoy your excursion to the Valvan Dam is to visit the place with family and loved ones and relax while viewing the mountains in the background, and water all around.

Since a visit to this dam will not last for more than an hour, it is best to combine a visit to the dam with a visit to famous places that are located nearby. Possible sites which you can explore are the Della Adventure, India's largest adventure park that is just 2.4 kilometres from the dam, the Narayani Dham Temple (2.4 kilometres away), Karla Caves (4.7 kilometres away) and the Sunil's Celebrity Wax Museum (3.8 kilometres away).

The best time to visit the Valvan Dam to make the most out of your trip is from October to May. In fact, a large number of tourists prefer to visit the place especially during the monsoon season, when the water level is full, and they can get a glimpse of the dam's magnanimity.

The Valvan Dam is visited commonly from the Lonavala Railway Station, which is just 5 kilometres away. Because of the dam's proximity to Lonavala (the Valvan Dam and Lonavala are only 2 kilometres apart), the dam can easily be visited by any of the transportation options such as cab, trek and buses.

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