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Places For Camping in Lonavala

Camp in the hills, lakesides and riversides around the ravishing natural beauty in Lonavala. Let the cold breeze of the evenings tingle you to the core and make you fall in love with the wilderness. Gather some woods and start a bonfire to fight the cold nights and get to know your loved ones more than ever.

Here is the list of 9 Camping in Lonavla | Best Places for Camping near Lonavala

1. Camping in Korigad, Pune

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Korigad is a hill fort in Maharashtra. Situated in the district of Pune, the fort rises to a height of about 2800 feet from the ground.

2. Shirota Lakeside Camping

Shirota Lakeside is a getaway from your standard metro lives; it will make you cherish each second of your life. With a panoramic view and magnetic surroundings, it will be hard to live life in your formal suits and shiny boots again. You will love to come here every weekend with your beloveds. Try to catch a fish and teach your kids what an actual barbeque looks like! Well, I am not done yet; you can even enjoy Kayaking in the Lake for a while, you might not be a professional but at least give it a try. If you not like looking down to find fish try looking upwards and find birds with stunning landscapes from your binoculars. Then wake up with nature's alarm of chirping birds at sunrise, and remember what you have earned now.

3. Pawna lake, Kamshet

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Pawna lake is formed by the Pavana dam and it is an artificial lake with the Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi forts, situated close by. With an increase in the number of tourists in the recent past, there has been an improvement in infrastructure. Introduction and encouragement of activities such as camping, backpacking and water sports just add to the reasons why you should visit Pawana Lake.

4. Fireflies trek in Rajmachi Village

The trek begins at Jambulpada, a jeep drive away from the Lonavala railway station. From there a trek to Rajmachi, a peaceful village which comes to life at night with the fireflies. With pit stops at Shreevardhan fort, Kalbhairavnath temple and the Udaysagar lake this beautiful trek comes alive with delicious local cuisine. Fireflies trek is a memorable trekking experience with fun activities planned for you.

Amenities: Meals, transport, accommodation in tents and dorms, tour guide
Duration: 2 days, one night
Price: INR 1800 onwards

5. Camping by Pavana River

Situated 15 km from Lonavala, the Pavana River is home to historical forts like Lohagad, Tikona, Tung and Visapur which make for a great holiday tour. Swim in the river, karaoke with your group and enjoy the cold alongside a bonfire. A leisure walk by the river will do you right!

Amenities: Meals, accommodation in tents
Duration: 2 days, one night
Price: INR 1250 onwards

6. Camping near Shirota lake

Lake Shirota is known for its beautiful waters. There are exciting games and activities lined up that include kayaking, trekking to the jungle and a dip in the cold river. Set up camp at the picturesque view and bring your camera along for some Instagram-worthy pictures!

Amenities: Meals, accommodation in tents, tour guide
Duration: 2 days, one night
Price: INR 2750 onwards

7. Camping And Trekking In Canyon Valley, Khandala

The canyon valley is also known as Tiger Valley, or Ulhas valley offers a panoramic view of the hills. For those who love a little wanderlust, this is the place to be. They alleyway narrows and broadens as you progress and every twist and turn is a marvel. The rocky trek is followed by lovely food for the belly! Visit the Rajmachi Fort and Kondana Caves along the way.

Amenities: Meals, accommodation, tour guide
Duration: 2 days, one night
Price: INR 1900 onwards

8. Night Trek And Camping At Korigad

Korigad is a hill fort set 20 kms from Lonavala. This fort is at the center of green thickets of forests and chirping birds. A safe trek to the fort takes a few hours until midnight followed by sumptuous dinner and music sessions. Nothing beats a fun game of cards with your friends and family at the backdrop of the shrubs.

Amenities: Meals, accommodation in tents, transport
Duration: 2 days, one night
Price: INR 1250 onwards

9. Family Leisure Camp At Aundoli

Spread across 3.5 acres of Greenland at Aundoli this campsite offers an early morning horse riding in the woods. The clean air and smell of the dew touched grass is touted to enliven your day. Aundoli aims at providing a traditional camping experience, and there are activities like nature trails, trek in the night and getting closer to the different breeds of horses.

Amenities: Meals, accommodation
Duration: 2 days, one night
Price: INR 5225 onwards

Wax museum, go-karts and water parks - Lonavala make for a fun weekend getaway. Especially those of you stuck in the corporate world, taking time off like this on a trip is bound to re-energize the tired souls. Pack your bags for an elite camping experience in the elevated lands for atmosphere will bring out the photographer in you!

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