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Gili Meno, Lombok Overview

Gili Islands is a trio of small islands just off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. Gili Meno happens to be the centrally placed island of the three and is exceedingly small in size measuring just two kilometers in length with a width of one kilometer. The natural locale has not been developed fully as yet and attracts hordes of tourists seeking solitude amongst natural surroundings. Gili Meno is a top draw for honeymooners as well as tourists aspiring for adventure.

The local population of the serene and tiny Gili Meno island is only about 500 but the tourists present an exciting picture with most of them comfortable with reading, walking by the unspoilt beaches and generally lazing on hammocks. There are a few activities for the enthusiastic visitors though with the Gili Meno wall being the most popular diving site on the island. Nature and wild life lovers may a beeline for the quaint turtle sanctuary that boasts of several species found only in and around this area.

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Diving and Snorkelling at Gili Meno

1. Scuba Diving: People interested in underwater activities try the wonderful clear and placid diving sites on the island in order to swim with the turtles and witness the magnificent colors of corals. The night-time divers are particularly enthused to find Moray eels underwater along with a number of exciting marine life.

2. Snorkelling: The water around Gili Meno island is warm making it ideal for visitors to try snorkelling. While the snorkelling individuals are sure to spot colourful fish, the blue stingray and hundreds of turtles, the areas of specific interest happen to be the Meno Wall that is a steep dive of 22 meters to the sandy bottom of the sea. Many individuals are interested to find shipwrecks and try to investigate the inside of the ancient vessel.

Snorkelling at Gili Meno Island
Snorkelling at Gili Meno

Gili Meno Island Hotels and Accommodation

Luxury accommodation is out of question on the tiny Gili Meno island. However, one can settle for the Thai styled huts located on the edge of the sea. Better accommodation can be obtained by checking into the bungalows and villas in the center of the island. Almost all the resorts on Gili Meno offer the required amenities along with free Wi-Fi and touring facilities that may include complimentary bicycles as well. However, a majority of tourists settle for the mid-priced hotels with air-conditioning to escape from the stifling heat and mosquitoes.

Visitors looking for budget options are not disappointed either for the rooms offered at homestays are reasonably comfortable with no frills. They serve as local B&B options that are ideal for backpackers. Moreover, the huts happen to be the best accommodation in Gili Meno for travelers looking for an authentic feel of the place.

Gili Meno Island

Places to Visit

The entire island can be traversed on foot due to its inordinately small size. However, the visitors are overjoyed to be able to view the following places located within the tiny island.

1. The “Kawasan Ekowisata Mangrove Gili Meno” is a salt water lake is a must visit for enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and experiencing the cool breeze on the skin. It is bordered by a thick mangrove forest many it an ideal retreat for couples on honeymoon.

2. Gili Meno Bird Park:
Home to almost 300 different species of birds, this park serves as a paradise for avid bird watchers who are excited to spot Hornbills, pheasants, peahens, pelicans, macaws, and eagles apart from the brightly colored parrots.

3. Turtle Sanctuary: The main attraction of Gili Meno apart from the pristine nature are the turtles found swimming in the sea. This sanctuary helps to preserve the local turtle population by taking care of the young turtles hatched from the eggs that are released into the surrounding sea once they become ld enough to fend for themselves. Visitors are eager to view the Hawksbill as well as the Leatherback turtles that are found near the Gili Islands.

Sea Turtles in Gili Menok
Sea Turtles at the Turtle Sanctuary

How to Reach Gili Meno Island

Gili Meno is an idyllic island in between the two bigger counterparts of the Gili Islands. The most popular route for reaching this island is via Gili Trawangan by the ‘island hopper boat.’ It is a 15 minute ride with tickets priced at IDR 23,000. Many of the visitors choose to reach it from Gili Air as well with boats leaving the island at 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM every day. The rates are IDR 25,000 for the 20 minute trip.

People hoping to visit only Gili Meno would be best advised to buy boat tickets from Lombok. The boat departs from Bangsal harbor wit the journey taking about 25 minutes. People hoping to travel speedily can charter a boat for IDR 190,000 instead of waiting for the Captain’s orders to begin the trip via a public boat.

Gili Meno Restaurants

There are a number of small huts along the beach front in the southern part of the island where the boats arrive from Lombok. The visitors can buy snacks and beverages by visiting the huts that also provide a respite from the heat. A bowl of rice and mixed vegetables can be bought by spending IDR 70870.

1. Balenta: This is an excellent café in the north of the island, offering the local Sasak cuisine against a backdrop of Mount Rinjani

2. Malia’s Child: This is the best food place across Gili Meno for travelers looking for hearty meals on a budget. It specializes in European and Indonesian dishes.

3. Bibi’s Café: This café is located within the beachfront Villa Nautilus and is reputed for serving the best pizzas on the island.

A bar on Gili Meno
A bar on Gili Meno Island


1. It is dangerous to swim to the other two islands 
2. Wearing revealing clothes including bikinis is a strict no-no on account of local traditions 
3. Touching the marine life and breaking the corals is punishable by law 
4. It is important to carry mosquito repellants while on the island

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