Food of Kurseong

Kurseong is one of the only two places where you can relish the authentic Muscatel organic tea. Hence, there is no way that you can miss this rare beverage while you are here. The other specialties include Thukpa Noodle Soup and steamed momos at the roadside stalls. You can also try the local drinks such as Channg and Tongba as well as sip in some of the finest varieties of Darjeeling tea, found in the area.

Here are the top 3 restaurants in Kurseong:

1. Gorkha Bhansa Ghar

4.0 /5
Tn Road, Kurseong, Darjelling, Near Railway Station 
9:30AM- 6:30PM
INR 400

A restaurant setup by former Jawans serving authentic Gorkha cuisine, on Kurseong Railway Station. The restaurant serves quick-bites and beverages, as well as proper meals, all priced very reasonably. Try the Gundruk ka Jhol (Vegetable soup) and Shel roti (Bread made of rice dust).

2. Amarjeet Hotel

3.0 /5
12 T.N Road, District Darjeeling, Kurseong, West Bengal 734203 
INR 400

Amarjeet Hotel started as a restaurant, serving hot Samosas and Gulab Jamuns in the foggy winters. Even though the restaurant has now turned into a hotel, the food served here still remains delicious. The Dal Makhani and Tandoori Chicken are their signature dishes.

3. Zimba's

3.0 /5
Hill Cart Rd,Kurseong 
INR 50-100

Serves cheap and tasty, Indian and Tibetan cuisine. Try the Momos and Thukpa noodle soup.

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