Bangalore to Kumbakonam

   Bangalore to Kumbakonam Road Distance 409 km
   Bangalore to Kumbakonam Aerial Distance 297 km
  Bangalore to Kumbakonam Travel Time 6 hours 50 mins

How to reach Kumbakonam from Bangalore

The Preferred Way of Going from Bangalore to Kumbakonam

The most preferred way of travelling from Bangalore to Kumbakonam is by Train. It is both time and cost effective and is a directly connecting mode of transportation.

Knowing The Details

1. Bangalore to Kumbakonam by Bus
2. Bangalore to Kumbakonam by Train
3. Popular Routes to Kumbakonam
4. Popular Routes from Bangalore
5. Places to Visit in Kumbakonam
6. Hotels in Kumbakonam

1. Bangalore to Kumbakonam by Bus

A bus journey is also an affordable option to travel from Bangalore to Kumbakonam. Kumbakonam is located about 405 kilometres away from Bangalore (the longest route). There is a mix of Tamil Nadu State Transport Buses and Private Buses that operate between the two destinations. The availability of enough buses at all times makes it a preferred mode of transport for travellers. Most of these buses are direct buses and they start from Bangalore in the evenings. This makes it extremely convenient for travellers to reach Kumbakonam early in the morning and explore around during the day. Tickets can be purchased well in advance or instantly on online platforms.

2. Bangalore to Kumbakonam by Train

There is only one train that connects Kumbakonam to Bangalore via Indian Railways. The train is a direct one and it runs overnight. It is a good and a safe travel option for travellers who wish to leave Bangalore in the evening and reach Kumbakonam in the morning for sightseeing and exploring the city.
Available Train Options 
The only train that connects Kumbakonam to Bangalore is the Mailaduturai Express. The train is scheduled once a day and it operates all days of the week.

Starting Station: Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station, Bangalore

Drop Station: Kumbakonam Railway Station

Timings of the Train
The Mailaduturai Express starts from the Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna Railway Station in Bangalore around 07:00 PM IST and reaches the Kumbakonam Railway Station around 06:00 AM IST.

Popular Routes to Kumbakonam

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chennai to Kumbakonam 5 hours 27 mins 283 km
Bangalore to Kumbakonam 6 hours 50 mins 409 km
Hyderabad to Kumbakonam 14 hours 45 mins 976 km

Popular Routes from Bangalore

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Bangalore to Goa 8 hours 45 mins 557 km
Bangalore to Ooty 6 hours 15 mins 274 km
Bangalore to Pondicherry 6 hours 19 mins 311 km
Bangalore to Coorg 5 hours 10 mins 264 km
Bangalore to Mysore 2 h 40 min 146 km
Bangalore to Hyderabad 8 hours 10 mins 569 km

Top Hotels In Kumbakonam